Signs He Wants To Break Up With You But Doesn’t Know How

We’ve all been in relationships that have run their course before. But sometimes, you can get hints from a guy that he’s done with a relationship before actually saying it out loud. In fact, he might be dropping these hints hoping that you’ll be the one to end it instead of him. Here’s what you need to look out for.

He’s taking longer to text back.

Long gone are the days where the two of you were glued to your phone, waiting eagerly to hear back from each other. These days, he’s more inclined to leave you on read. That’s a sign that he’s just not prioritizing you the way he used to. Remember, everyone has a different texting pattern. He may be legitimately busy with something when your text comes through. But, if it becomes the new normal, you know he’s just not as into you as he used to be.

He’s stopped with the pet names.

It used to be “honey” or “love,” and now he’s just referring to you by your first name. It can be a small hint that he’s starting to disassociate from you as his partner. A change like this can be pretty abrupt — but, quite telling.

You’re no longer featured on his social media accounts.

This is one of the biggest signs he wants to break up with you. He used to post a ton of photos of the two of you together, but now you’ve noticed he’s the main subject on his social media accounts. This could be nothing, or it could be a way to make himself appear to be single in case someone else comes along. It may also mean that your time together isn’t as memorable for him as it is for you.

When you ask about the future, they come up short.

When you ask about a proposal, or future kids, they happen to freeze up or dismiss you. You might also hear, “I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” which is a valid reply — unless it used to be a common topic of discussion. If you’ve been with someone for a long time and they still don’t know where you stand, it’s probably a good sign that you’re not with someone you’ll be with for the rest of your life.

He’s joked about breaking up with you before.

If he’s said something and framed it as a joke, it’s possible he was just trying to get your reaction to news like that. He could also be threatening to break up with you more, hoping to get the idea in your head.

You’ve caught him checking out other women.

A wandering eye isn’t necessarily a good trait, but it’s very telling if it happens to have cropped up even more recently. If you’ve gotten bad vibes and happen to see him looking at others, it’s a big sign that he’s already written off the relationship. Remember, you shouldn’t be dating someone who makes you feel bad.

You’re not having sex anymore.

Sex drives can plummet for plenty of natural reasons. In order for it to be a sign that the end is near, it’d have to accompany other signs and inner feelings. Even with low drives, sex is still an important part of a relationship, since it’s a way to feel physically close to your partner. If he seems defensive or even writes you off without a reasonable explanation, it’s possible he’s already on the search for his next partner — or secretly already has one. If this is happening, consider it another of those warning signs that he wants to break up.

You’re finding yourself disagreeing on the smallest things.

Fights can be normal in a relationship, but when a relationship is near its end, it seems like everything is a fight. He might argue with you over how you park the car, or for not putting a dish in the sink. Small, minor annoyances will suddenly blow up and turn into a big deal. That’s because in his mind, he’s completely over the relationship.

Things have changed up a lot in his life.

Maybe he got a new job, or a new house. And, you just don’t fit into the new lifestyle he’s created for himself. Making big moves like that can threaten a relationship, and change someone’s perspective. If a lot is going on with him and he seems to be more distant, it’s possible he hopes your relationship is the next thing to change.

Even when you’re together, you feel quite alone.

It’s jarring to know you don’t have someone’s full attention. The two of you can be watching a movie together, but it feels empty if he’s on his phone the whole time. If that’s a new behavior, it shows that he’s going through the motions of spending time together. But, his heart is clearly not in it anymore.

The signs he wants to break up aren’t always obvious and they can be hurtful, but they’re still important to notice and act upon.

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