Signs He’s Just Not Interested Anymore: How You Know He’s Moved On From You

It’s time to stop fooling yourself into thinking that your guy is still into you because you’re clutching onto a relationship that’s sinking fast. While you might think that you have to continue holding on or that your partner will start being more affectionate/attentive/towards you, you’re wasting your time if any of these 13 things are happening. Here are some signs he’s not interested anymore and you’re better off moving on while you can.

He’s removed you from his call list.

You used to be the first person he’d call when something happened to him, whether good or bad, or he had something important to say. Now it’s like you’re getting his latest updates on social media or through mutual friends. That’s one of the clearest signs that he’s not interested anymore and you’re in the process of being demoted from being his girlfriend.

He’s become meh.

The guy used to have a vibrant personality and the two of you could talk up a storm about anything and everything. Nowadays, it seems like he’s retreating into a shell you never knew he even owned. He’s got nothing interesting to say,  he’s giving you “K” answers on WhatsApp chats when you ask him questions, and he just doesn’t seem to care about anything that concerns your relationship.

He’s never around his phone.

This is something that he tells you even though it’s not true. He used to reply to your texts within a reasonable amount of time, but lately it seems like he’s never available. He tells you he’s so busy at work and he’s never around his phone, but you know that’s BS because he always has his phone on him when you guys are together.

He can’t deal with your tears.

When you’re upset or angry about something and turn to him for support, he’s totally distant. It makes things so awkward and could cause you to feel like he’s becoming a robot of the man he used to be. Where’s his heart? Where are his emotions? WTF is going on? Here’s what’s going on – he’s pulling back from you, physically and emotionally, because he’s not invested in you anymore. It’s even more telling if he’s repelled by your tears but caused them.

He’s keeping his family at bay.

If you were curious about the signs he’s not interested anymore, here’s a biggie. You’ve met and hung out with his family and loved ones many times in the past. You used to be invited to his brother’s birthday party and parents’ anniversary. Now it seems like you’re never invited. Yikes. He might be trying to carefully and slowly pull you out of his life, and this is one of the huge signs that it’s happening. It’s only downhill from here.

He puts you in imaginary scenarios.

During conversation, he might say things like, “Hey, maybe someday you’ll meet another guy, haha” or “One day I’d like to have kids/move across the country” – the focus on what he wants for his own life is what’s crucial here because he’s making huge decisions that don’t include you at all.

He avoids displays of affection.

He used to love hugging you and holding your hand in public, but lately he walks at a distance away from you and never even touches you. If he was never into PDA before, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if there’s been a change in the amount of affection he shows you, that’s a red flag. Something’s changed with him.

His friends come first.

While it’s healthy for him to spend time with his mates, it’s not cool if it seems like they’re always taking up your space in the relationship and all of his free time. Don’t be blaming them, though, because your boyfriend’s choosing to make them more of a priority than you!

He’s all about fighting.

You used to rarely get into arguments with the guy, but lately it’s like he’s a bomb that can explode from any little thing. It sometimes feels like you can’t do anything because it ends up in a fight. That’s so not cool and you don’t need this drama. Clearly he’s so irritable and impatient with you because he’s over the relationship and he’s sending you signs he’s not interested anymore. He might even be doing this to make you walk away first. Coward.

He takes you for granted.

Whenever you do something nice for him, he doesn’t even say “thank you” anymore. He never tells you how much he values you. It’s like you’re just some random person in his life. Not on! This guy’s being rude and it’s like he’s already used to the idea of not having you in his life.

He’s selfish in the bedroom.

If he used to be attentive to your needs during sex but now it’s like he just cares about his own pleasure, that is a huge sign of how you’re both on different planets. Sex might also feel cold and like he’s not invested in it, which sucks. Don’t waste your time and orgasms on this guy. He’s already checked out!

He doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

He used to think you were hilarious, but lately he rolls his eyes or sighs when you crack a joke or try to make him laugh. He might even say you’re being silly. This is a bad sign because connecting over sharing the same sense of humor is an important part of bonding. Without it, that’s clearly a sign that you’re growing apart.

He glows – around other people.

While he seems miserable and moody around you, he comes to life around other people in his life. It’s like someone remembered to plug him back in. WTF? You want to be with someone who glows around you – and makes you glow, too. If he’s being dulled down, then why is he still with you? It’s time to stop waiting around for his brightness to come back, because it’s not going to. Go find someone who lights up your life and lights up around you.

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