You had a great first date, but is he worthy of a second one? That all depends on whether or not he did these 13 things.

He made an effort. It’s not just that he made an effort to get to know you but that he made an effort with his appearance. He was also punctual and listened to what you had to say. Major points for that—way too often guys do the bare minimum expecting a result and that’s just not going to fly.

He was respectful. He didn’t make sexist jokes or interrupt you. He treated you with respect and kindness. And major point-scoring here, he also spoke about people in his life in a kind way. He didn’t turn the first date into a venting session about how much he hates everyone.

You feel comfortable around him. It’s not just what he says and does but how he makes you feel. If you felt comfortable around him, like you could just be yourself, and he seemed pretty comfy too, that’s a really good sign that you’re onto something awesome with this guy.

He made his intentions clear. He was open about having a great first date and he kept his word when he said he’d text you later. It’s a miracle! If he’s done these things, then he deserves a second date with you.

You left on a high. You know that feeling when you leave a date and feel down in the dumps? Not cool. On the other hand, if you’ve left the date feeling like a million bucks, that’s a good sign you should see him again. Dating is supposed to be fun rather than a chore.

The conversation flowed easily. You didn’t feel like he was cutting off all your attempts at conversation or like you battled to connect. Since conversation is the foundation for a healthy relationship, having had a healthy bout of chatter on the first date is a good enough reason to plan a second date.

He had positive body language. You know that most communication we receive is the non-verbal kind, so you want to be sure that he was giving you signs of attraction with his body. If he leaned in towards you, touched your arm during conversation, and made good eye contact (without it feeling creepy), those are all positive signs that he’s into you.

He left you curious. It’s not a good sign to leave a first date feeling like you know all there is to know about the guy. It’s much better if you can’t wait to see him again so you can ask him more about his interesting job or upbringing, or hobbies. The first date has left you with questions that you want to answer. Plan a second date ASAP!

You lost all track of time. If it feels like you were sitting in the coffee shop with the guy for 10 minutes before it was over when it was really two hours, that’s a sign that he kept you seriously intrigued and interested. With so many boring and annoying interactions you suffer on a regular basis, a person who can make you lose track of the clock is worth another date.

He answered all your questions. You asked him important questions that you needed to know early on, such as what his relationship is like with his folks and what he thinks about religion (yeah, you went there on a first date). instead of clamming up or changing the subject, he was all systems go. He was open and honest, which felt genuine.

He didn’t look at his phone. Maybe it was on the table or in his pocket, but he didn’t look at his phone screen once. Not even a glance! This guy’s definitely a keeper because he’s making it clear that when he’s with you, he can shut the world out and give you his undivided attention.

He doesn’t go over the top. The first date is a fragile thing. Even if you’re both giving each other rip-my-clothes-off looks throughout the date, it’s often best not to go there in a hurry. You’d both prefer to leave something to mystery and get to know each other a bit more so that sex is more meaningful when it happens, which means he’s second-date potential. Sure, he might reach in for a first-date kiss but he’s not going to jump your bones—and that’s a good thing. First dates are all about testing the waters.

He wasn’t rushed. If it looked like he was willing to give you his time, without making you feel like he was eager to end the date so he could go off and do other things, he’s definitely worth more of your time.

You’re not sure. While often “doubt means don’t,” especially when it comes to feeling unsure about the guy after a first date, there are exceptions to the rule. If you felt like there’s enough about the guy to intrigue you to see him again or you had an awkward first date but you can tell he’s shy but wants to make it up to you, you should go ahead and give him another try. You never know what could happen. That weird first date might end up being a great story to tell your future kids someday.

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