12 Signs His Social Media Posts Are Actually About You

Sometimes it feels like wishful thinking that a guy’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook post is actually about you or something he wants you to read, but if these 12 things are happening, you’re not imagining it. Here’s how you know he’s sending you indirect messages.

  1. He always seems to post things when you’re online. You go online and bam, there’s another post from him. If this seems to happen regularly, then maybe he’s keeping an eye on when you’re online on Facebook or have just posted something on Instagram before sending out an update of his own. It increases the chance that you’ll see his posts and they won’t get lost in the feed.
  2. He hints at inside jokes. If the joke he’s posting seems a little too familiar, maybe that’s because you guys were laughing about something similar not too long ago. Clearly you’re on his mind and he wants you to know it. You can tell a lot about a guy from what he posts on social media, and he has you on his mind!
  3. He “likes” your updates after posting updates of his own. He likes everything you post on Instagram to the point where you feel like the guy’s following your every move. He likes and comments on every selfie you post on Facebook. Yes, he’s telling you he’s noticing you in loud terms, but he’s also hoping you’ll return the favor and like some of his stuff. In other words, he’s saying, “Look at me! Look at me!”
  4. He posts updates after seeing you. You’ve just spent an amazing date together, and within half an hour of seeing you, he’s posting something on social media. It’s not just some random dog meme. He’s hinting that he had a fantastic time or that he’s catching the feels. This is no doubt about you!
  5. His sexy selfies have increased since meeting you. When you scrolled through his Instagram feed before meeting him (hey, everyone does it), you didn’t see that many selfies. However, since meeting you, his selfies have gone into overdrive. Maybe he’s trying to keep you interested in him by showing you a little more about himself.
  6. He asks if you’ve seen them. If posting lots of gym selfies isn’t enough, he might be bold enough to ask if you’ve seen his selfies. This is a clear way of saying that he’s posting with you in mind (but hopefully not arrogant about what he’s posting).
  7. He posts something he knows you’ll like. The guy never used to eat Thai food until you tried out that awesome Thai restaurant in your neighborhood. Now he’s posting about Thai food? He’s probably looking to get a “like” out of you. He never liked horses or The Killers but since meeting you he’s raving about them? Ditto.
  8. He’s talking about missing someone. He’s not the sappy type, but since going on a few dates with you he’s posting mysterious, romantic posts such as, “Missing someone lots.” Double points if he told you earlier that he was missing you. Chances are good the posts are about you.
  9. He’s always sharing your posts. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, a guy who quotes your updates in his status messages or retweets your posts is showing you that he loves your opinions and he wants to show off your wisdom or he loves your sense of humor. Nice.
  10. He tags you. Clearly he wants to get your attention, but if he’s tagging you in posts or updates, then the guy’s doing something else, too. He’s telling you that he likes you, especially if the posts are about something he knows you’ll enjoy and you’re the only one he’s tagging. It’s a cool way to interact and chat on social media, and it makes you feel like he wants you to be a big part of his social media accounts.
  11. He asks a question. If he’s been flirting with you via text and you get the feeling he’s about to ask you out, don’t be surprised when he asks his Instagram followers a question such as, “Where’s the best place to take a hot woman out on a date?” He wants to make you smile while hinting that he wants to take you out. Let’s hope he’s got the balls to actually ask you out in a direct way, but still, this is cute.
  12. He’s posting before a date. It’s a dead giveaway that his posts are about you if he’s posting after seeing you, but the same goes for if he’s posting something to social media before a date. It could be something along the lines of nerves or excitement for what the day will bring. Nice! It’s his way of expressing himself, and perhaps dealing with his nerves while also giving you a little virtual wink that he’s looking forward to seeing you.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.