11 Signs You Need To Go On A Dating Diet

A “dating diet” is when you restrict the types of people you choose to date or you just stop dating altogether for some time and it might be the answer for frustrated single people everywhere. Here are 11 signs a dating diet is the right choice for you.

You’re making tons of Tinder matches.

It’s a rush to match with lots of people on dating apps, but if you’re meeting them all, that can lead to burnout and make you rush into dating when you’re not even that interested in the person. What a waste of time. Instead, focus on meeting people with whom you have a real connection. It takes a bit of time to gauge this but it’s worth it.

You’re dating for the sake of it.

You know how eating junk food can sometimes make you insatiable? You never really feel nourished but you want more of those fats and carbs. Well, dating for the sake of it can be like eating unhealthy food. You’re not really feeling relationship satisfaction at all. Time to take a bit of a break!

You’ve got burnout.

Dating’s not healthy if it’s making you feel exhausted. It should still be fun, otherwise, there’s no point in doing it. A dating diet in which you stop dating altogether can be healthy in this situation to help you recharge.

You’re just out of a relationship.

Sometimes it can be useful to stop and take stock after a breakup. This can prevent you from dating the same toxic matches or ending up with people who are just not the ones you should be dating. Fine-tune your search and eliminate those guys who don’t match up with your relationship goals.

You’re feeling pressure.

If you feel pressure to find your forever person, that can make you want to date too much or just feel anxious during the process. By choosing to go on a dating diet, you can give yourself more time to make the right choices. When you stop buying into the pressure from society, you also get in tune with what you really want. It’s sort of like how people who stop eating their favorite processed foods get weird enlightenment and realize it’s not what they wanted. Hey, maybe you’d rather stay single after all!

You’re stuck in a dating comfort zone.

It’s easy to go through the motions when dating. You just stick to what you’ve always done. You date guys who are hot or women who are trendy, but then you scratch your head when you wonder why your relationships aren’t working. Part of starting a date diet means really thinking about your dating choices so you can focus on the real things that will make you happy. For instance, do you really need to be with someone who looks like a model? Probably not.

Your health is taking a toll.

It’s not just an unhealthy food diet that can make you feel terrible — a bad dating routine can do the same thing! If you find that you’re often lethargic after dates with someone, bored, or run down a lot, then those are huge signs you’re dating the wrong person. Go on a dating diet already!

Your anxiety is all over the place.

You might not be experiencing physical symptoms from unhealthy dating but mental and emotional ones. A big sign is if you’re constantly anxious, yet you feel better when the person you’re dating is not around. Yikes. By reducing your dosage of this person, you can take some much-needed time to yourself to figure out what you want and what you need to do to be happy.

You’re ignoring red flags.

It’s easy to ignore some red flags when you start dating someone, especially if you’re so focused on having someone in your life that you’re turning a blind eye to their fatal flaws. The problem is that you’ll indulge in dating the person — it might feel as satisfying as ordering a double-chocolate cake instead of food — but then you’ll regret it later.

You’re ruining your chances.

The problem with sticking to your dating type so strongly is that you might miss out on other opportunities that can be better for you. Let’s take the example of a food diet to explain. You might stick to eating meat because you don’t think you can do without it and yet going vegan could be so much more exciting if you just dared to step out of your comfort zone. It’s the same with dating. If you’re set on a certain type of person without broadening your horizons then you’re not experiencing what could possibly happen. Surprise yourself once in a while.

You’re not thinking about the future.

You know when you enjoy unhealthy foods in the moment? You don’t give a damn about the fats and calories, and you shouldn’t. It’s good to indulge sometimes. But when a pattern of this starts to emerge, you’ll probably find that the fun of eating crap can catch up with you. It’s similar to dating. You’re so crazy about the person you’ve started dating that you have a whirlwind romance with them, only to find yourself crashing back down to earth when you realize you just can’t keep up with the fairy tale. It’s not real. If you can’t think about the future, then resist the temptation to date the person.

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