11 Signs That Prove He’s Definitely Into You

Any guy can say he likes you, but it’s often hard to tell if he’s being honest or just trying to get into your pants. Even though his words might be pretty, his actions are going to be what really prove his affection for you. Grand, romantic gestures might be glamorized in the movies, but it’s these smaller ones that really show how much he adores you:

  1. He always wants to see you. If he just decides to drop by after you’ve finished work or takes you out for a coffee during lunch, it’s pretty obvious that he’s into you. He doesn’t even need an excuse; he simply enjoys the time you spend together and wants to make the most of it. What may seem like a small gesture actually shows how far up you are on his list of priorities. He’s not playing games here. He wants you to know that he’s serious about you.
  2. He does something creative. It can be as simple as writing a poem, making a card, or putting a photo of the two of you in a frame. If he puts time and effort into doing something creative and unexpected that he knows will make you smile, it shows his level of interest. It doesn’t even have to cost anything; he just wants to do something that will make your day.
  3. He finds any way to touch you. It’s not just a pat on the ass, but subtle, sweet touches on the arm or on the small of your back. A man who is crazy about you will find any excuse to touch you. Even if he’s occupied with something else, he’ll still physically reach out to let you know he’s there.
  4. He’s always looking at you. An obvious sign is when he holds eye contact to let you know that he’s listening to every word you say. He’s so in love that his eyes are always on you, even when you’re in a room full of other people. If you often catch him staring at you even when you’re not looking at him, this guy really can’t get enough of you.
  5. He cleans up. It’s something that seems so insignificant, but it definitely has meaning to it. Doing the dishes or tidying up without being asked lets you know that he does care. He knows you’re tired and have had a hard day at work. He understands there’s a billion other things you’d rather be doing right now, so like the considerate person that he is, he takes care of it so you don’t have to.
  6. He plans a weekend getaway. Even if it’s just a short drive from the house, the thought is definitely there. He wants you all to himself for the weekend to show you just how special you are. Honestly, is there anything more romantic than that?
  7. He introduces you to his family. This is without a doubt a big step in a relationship that proves just how serious he is about you. If you’re the one to suggest meeting his relatives, he could just be going along with it. But if he’s the one who makes the suggestion, it’s a sign of love and commitment. He’s letting you know that he’ll be sticking around and won’t be doing a disappearing act any time soon.
  8. He holds your hand in public. It might not seem like a big deal, but if your boyfriend is affectionate with you in public, it’s a tell-tale sign that he’s proud to be with you. He won’t make a big thing out of it; it’ll just come naturally to him, like putting his arm around you to bring you even closer to him.
  9. He checks up on you. It’s more than just a good morning and good night text. Even when he’s extremely busy, you’re still on his mind. He won’t bombard you with messages every few seconds, but he’ll randomly text you during the day. And when he knows you’re stressed out and having a bad day, he’ll call you and instantly make you feel loved.
  10. He’s supportive of your decisions. Any decision you make is just as important to him, and he’s 100 percent onboard with anything you want. He understands your interests and ambitions and never judges you for them. Sure, it’s nice to be reminded that you’re pretty, but when your boyfriend sees past that and tells you that he thinks you’re clever or intriguing, it’s clear the attraction runs deeper than just your appearance.
  11. He remembers things about you. A man who is interested will remember everything you have to say. In fact, he’ll make it his goal to remember the little things just to impress you. But it’s more than that: he wants to know everything about you, including your likes, dislikes, passions, and fears. It all contributes to him understanding you on a deeper, more personal level. If he remembers if you prefer Home Alone or Home Alone 2, he’s a keeper.
Coralle is a freelance writer and blogger with a special interest in Mental Health & wellness, Women's health, and relationships.

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