Signs You And Your Ex Are Meant To Be Together

Just because you’ve broken up with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is over for good. Sometimes you split up for a good reason and it’s for the best because you’re truly not compatible long-term. However, many couples do have to go through some very tough times before coming back together again for the long haul. Here are some signs that you and your ex are meant to be together.

You’re both willing to do the work.

There’s no way a reunion between you and your ex will ever work if both of you aren’t willing to do the work to not only solve the issues that caused your relationship to fail last time but to ensure that similar situations don’t arise to tear you apart again in the future. If you’re both on the same page about ensuring that you work as a team to keep your relationship strong and healthy, this could be a sign that you and your ex are meant to be together.

All paths seem to lead back to each other.

Listen, just because you have an on-again, off-again relationship with your ex doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together. However, if both of you have legitimately gone out there to meet and date other people and actually tried (and wanted to) build a life away from one another yet somehow fate seems to keep throwing you back in one another’s path, there may be something bigger at play here.

Your differences are minor/possible to overcome.

If you broke over seemingly minor stuff like disagreeing on whether or not to get a dog or the fact that you were annoyed because your partner never put their dirty clothes in the hamper, that’s stuff that can be fixed. So long as there was no major betrayal that led you away from one another, there’s a chance of a successful reunion.

Your heart keeps telling you they’re the one for you.

I’m not talking about delusion here. If you’re trying to convince yourself that you and your ex are meant to be together when every other sign is saying they’re definitely not, don’t kid yourself. Do some real soul-searching and be honest with yourself about your feelings and your relationship. If they’re telling you your partner is it for you, it may be true.

All your friends are desperate to see you back together.

Your friends have your back and if they’re the real deal, they’ll be honest with you even if the truth isn’t something you want to hear. This means that if your ex is bad for you, they likely won’t have a problem telling you that no girl, you’re not meant to be together. If they’ve consistently maintained that you’re good together and that they love who you are when you’re with them (as well as when you’re on your own, of course), that’s a good thing.

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