10 Signs You’ll Get Back Together And Your Relationship Isn’t Really Over

When your relationship with your ex ended, you were devastated. Even though you knew it was the right thing you couldn’t help feeling that things between you weren’t really over and there was unfinished business between you that needs to be resolved. Well, maybe it’s not all in your head and your relationship does deserve a second chance. Here are 10 signs you’ll get back together after all.

  1. You’ve never really been out of touch. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to go no contact with your ex after your breakup. This gives you time to heal and process what happened between you. It also helps dull any leftover feelings you have for them so that you can move on successfully. However, if you’ve always been in touch since breaking up and it hasn’t been awkward or overly painful, that’s one of the biggest signs you’ll get back together. In many ways, it’s like you never left.
  2. You’ve tried dating other people but no one compares to them. It’s not like you haven’t tried to move on and date other people. It’s just that every person you’ve dated hasn’t really matched up to your ex and the connection you had. You’re not being stubborn or kidding yourself, you just genuinely haven’t felt drawn to anyone… besides your previous partner.
  3. They keep finding excuses to reach out. Your relationship is over and you’re both leading separate lives, but the signs you’ll get back together are clear as day if your ex is always getting in touch for random reasons. One day, it’s because your favorite barista no longer works at the coffee shop. Another day, it’s because they saw a meme that made them think of you. What’s crazier is that you don’t even mind because you do the same thing. You just can’t stop talking to each other.
  4. They’re constantly mentioning that they’re still single. Not only do they inquire about your dating life, but your ex always mentions the fact that they’re not seeing anyone and that they’re completely and totally single. They might even mention how much they miss the comforts of being in a relationship. This is one of the most obvious (and so cheesy it’s precious) signs that they want to get back together and are hoping you’ll be on the same page.
  5. They’re always reminiscing about when you were together. Hey, remember that time you guys went to see the Arctic Monkeys at the Filmore and that girl got too drunk and threw up all over the merch stand? Your ex certainly does, and they’re happy to remind you of it. They can’t help but bring up your happiest memories all the time. It’s clear they’re feeling nostalgic for your time together.
  6. You still haven’t given them their stuff back. This is either one of the signs you’re petty and want to hang on to their possessions or that you’ll eventually get back together. You don’t see what sense it makes to separate your belongings when they’re only going to get muddled up again when you reunite. It’s basically inevitable, right?
  7. You’ve both worked through some issues since your relationship ended. This is so important and really should be higher on this list. You might want to get back together, but having dealt with many of the problems that screwed things up the first time is one of the signs you actually should. There’s no way your relationship will work this time around if you’re just going to fight about the same things. If you’ve taken the time to work on your issues and correct problematic behaviors, that’s a good sign.
  8. Part of you wishes you could try again. You know things were messed up and you truly hate how little you liked them by the time you broke up. But, you also know that when things were good between you, they were really, really good. You’re sure there’s still something there and you know they feel the same. That’s a pretty good sign that a reunion is on the cards.
  9. They’ve taken responsibility for their part in things going wrong. There’s no way a relationship can move forward if there’s unresolved conflict. It takes maturity and humility to not only admit that you’re not perfect but that you played a big part in why your relationship went south. However, admitting where you went wrong and offering a genuine apology is a good way to make amends even if you’re not moving forward with your relationship. That being said, if either of you is hoping to give things another go, this is a must before you even think about trying again.
  10. They tell you they’re still not over you. If you feel the same, take this as the most obvious of signs that you’ll get back together. It might be a while as you continue to work through the hurt, anger, and confusion that caused your initial breakup. However, as the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re both dedicated to making it work this time around, that’s a good place to start.
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