Signs Your Boyfriend Is Getting Bored With Your Sex Life, According To A Guy

The longer a relationship lasts, the more likely it is that a couple’s sex life will start to fizzle. Frankly, it’s up to both partners to find ways to spice things up and keep things exciting in the bedroom. The key is to be proactive and do something before either of you starts to get bored. Obviously, you ladies should say something when you start to feel yourself feeling blah about things, but also be on the lookout for these signs that your boyfriend isn’t feeling it anymore either.

  1. Foreplay is nonexistent. To be fair, there are a lot of reasons why a guy would try to skip foreplay. For the most part, none of those reasons are good. When it happens regularly enough, he might be trying to rush the sex and just get it over with, which can be a sign of boredom. He won’t be overly worried about any of your needs and will just want to do it quick so he can get to sleep because he’s no longer excited about sleeping with you.
  2. You don’t talk dirty or even flirt anymore. A couple with a good sex life will always be flirty with each other. There will be some form of sexual banter in the prelude to sex. Naturally that will start to decline over time, but when it disappears completely, it’s a sign that a guy is getting bored and there’s a lack of connection in the relationship. Odds are, the guy has gotten accustomed to the routine of having sex but isn’t getting too excited or looking forward to it.
  3. He has no response to your sexy clothing. If you want to test if a guy is getting bored, try pulling out all of the stops and dressing as sexy as possible. If he’s curious or confused about what you’re doing, there’s a good chance that he’s growing bored. He should recognize right away that you’re trying to seduce him and spice things up. If he doesn’t, it’s possible that he’s moved past the stage where you both should be trying to make an effort to keep things steamy in the bedroom.
  4. He flirts with other women. Of course, it’s never a good sign when a guy flirts with other women, especially if he does it right in front of you. One reason he does that is that he’s bored with the sex life inside his relationship. Flirting with other women gives him the excitement that he’s lacking otherwise. Even if the flirting seems harmless, it’s usually a sign that he’s unsatisfied with his current relationship in some way.
  5. He’s watching more porn than normal. Okay, so it can be tough to know for sure whether your boyfriend is looking at porn more than usual, but if you suspect this is the case, it’s possible that he’s getting bored with the real thing. He might be watching porn because it offers him something new and different from sex in a monogamous relationship.
  6. His other vices have increased. When a guy grows bored with his sex life in his relationship, he tends to make up for it in other ways. As mentioned, porn is one avenue, but there are other vices like drugs, alcohol, or even something as innocent as video games where he can add a little excitement to his life. One way or another, he’ll look for another way to get his thrills or just fill the time if he’s not that interested in having sex.
  7. He stays up late. If a guy is getting bored with your sex life, it’s easier to avoid having sex if he stays up later. It’s sometimes a purposeful and inconspicuous move while other times it’s subconscious. Either way, he’ll either stay up until you’re already asleep or complain that it’s too late and he’s too tired to have sex. It’s a slick way of avoiding intimacy. In fairness, he’ll sometimes have a good reason for changing his bedtime or being too tired. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence, it’s a sign that a guy is bored and uninspired to have sex.
  8. You can’t hide your boredom. I’m not trying to blame you ladies, but keep in mind that sex is a two-way street. Also, boredom can be contagious. If he starts to sense that you’re growing bored with your sex life, he may start to feel that too, thinking there’s no point in trying to spice things up. If you don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself when you’re being intimate, he’ll lose his inspiration to make more of an effort. As long as you maintain an active interest in your sex life, it’ll be easier to keep your boyfriend engaged and prevent him from becoming bored.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.