14 Signs You’re A Dating Addict

14 Signs You’re A Dating Addict ©Pixdeluxe

We’ve all met women who are never available because they’re always out on a date — we may even have been one of them. Obviously, our life should be about more than finding and going out on dates all the time. It’s OK to step away sometimes. Here’s how to tell if you might need to do just that:

  1. You never spend a weekend alone. Sometimes, you date all the time just because you’re terrified of being alone. There’s nothing wrong with being alone. Besides, you have friends. You just have to skip a few dates and actually spend some time with them.
  2. You have multiple dates in one day. This shouldn’t happen often. If it does, you might have a problem. Having two or three dates a day every weekend is excessive. If you want to connect with someone, you need to give them some real time.
  3. You love the thrill of speed dating. It’s not unusual for you to sign up for every speed dating event you can find. For you, it’s the ultimate high. You get to date dozens of people all in one night.
  4. You actually enjoy filling out online dating profiles. Most people hate doing this, and it’s part of why some people avoid online dating completely. For you, it’s a fun challenge to describe yourself, answer questions, and find the perfect profile photo.
  5. You’re a member of a dozen or more dating sites. You wouldn’t want to miss any potential dates, so you just join as many online dating sites as possible. You’re just going to make yourself miserable trying to keep track of everything. Always searching for the next best thing means you’re never focusing on any one person.
  6. You’d rather go out on a blind date than be with your friends. Blind dates are something most women dread. You live for them. It’s like being on a hit reality TV show. You happily cancel plans with your friends for a total stranger.
  7.  Your blind dates are actually previous dates. You know you’re a dating addict when you’ve been on so many dates that when you see your blind dates, you already know them. Of course, it makes the date easier when you already know who they are.
  8. You’re running out of potential guys. Are you having a hard time finding anyone new in your area or online? It seems like you’ve dated them all and you’re ready for fresh meat. You even start changing your online profiles in the hope of being matched with new people.
  9. You’re planning your next date before the first one begins. You haven’t even met the guy yet, but you’re already planning what to wear and what to do for date number two. Frankly, you don’t even care if things work out because you already have another guy asking you out.
  10. You don’t really even want a relationship. Most of your friends and family think you’re just desperate for a relationship. While that might be nice, it’s not your goal. You’re a serial dater and for now, you couldn’t care less if you hit it off with your date or not.
  11. You shop specifically for dating clothes. Many women have a few outfits as go tos for dating. You have an entire section of your closet dedicated to dating. You see every new date as a reason to go shopping.
  12. You don’t care if they don’t call back. If they call back, great. If not, oh well. You don’t care either way. You’re going out on a date regardless. If it’s not with them, you’ll find someone else.
  13. You make new dates while out with another guy. On the way to the bathroom, you meet a new guy, give him your number and make plans for next week. You know there’s a problem when your current date is going well, but you’re scheduling something with someone else behind his back.
  14. You can’t attend anything on your own. The thought of attending a birthday party, wedding or even your niece’s dance recital alone is unthinkable. You will have someone on your arm. It might not be the same person every time, but it’s a guarantee that you won’t show up alone.
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