Signs You’re Dating A Grown Ass Woman

Signs You’re Dating A Grown Ass Woman ©iStock/Petar Chernaev

There’s something special about dating a woman who’s got her act together and is killing it in life. Not only do you feel more relaxed knowing she can handle herself without you, but you also feel like she’s with you because she genuinely wants to be, not because she can’t cope on her own. Think you might have found a grown ass woman of your own? Here’s how to tell:

  1. She offers to treat you too. A grown woman doesn’t expect you to pick up the dinner bill all the time. In fact, she offers each and every time. If you decline, she’ll insist on getting the next one because she can, and she wants you to feel cared about, too.
  2. She’s not available all the time, because she’s busy being a boss. She has a life outside of you and no matter how much she adores spending time with you, she needs to peel herself away to handle her life responsibilities from time to time. Plus, she also enjoys doing her own thing because it makes coming together again something to be excited about.
  3. She’s upfront, honest, and knows how to communicate. She doesn’t make you play the guessing game as to why she’s pissed off. She tells you clearly and concisely and will want to discuss things rationally to seek a resolution. Dramatic conflict doesn’t interest her.
  4. She doesn’t wait for you to text her first. She’s not going to get on your case about not texting her first — if she wants to talk to you, she’ll text you herself. She’s not into playing games.
  5. She’s laid-back and easy to get along with, but she has boundaries. She’s completely sweet and kind to everyone unless she’s provoked or given reason to be more hard-faced. She’s generally low key, but won’t hesitate to speak up when something upsets or disrespects her. In other words, she has a spine.
  6. She has her own financial plan. She’s not with you because she needs someone to support her shopping habits; she buys what she wants and needs herself. She doesn’t look at you to pick up the slack on the finances, because she’s got things handled herself.
  7. She feels confident in her own skin. She’s secure with her body just the way it is and if she wants to improve upon it, she does it in a healthy way. She cares more about her emotional and physical happiness than she does about conforming to society’s standard of beauty.
  8. She has a core group of solid friendships and not a sea of acquaintances. You can tell a lot about a woman by the company she keeps. She has a solid group of a few close friends whom she loves and adores dearly and isn’t floating between different friend circles and having constant catty drama among different groups. Her friends are her family, and she treats them as such.
  9. She prefers intelligent discussions, not mindless chatter. Talking crap just for the sake of it isn’t her style. She’d rather fill her head with things and people of substance. She wants to talk about the things that matter, not what some celebrity named their dog.
  10. She’s domesticated herself for herself. She takes care of herself and has learned to be domestic because of it. She didn’t learn how to cook and take care of all the home duties, including the handy work, to impress a man; she did it because she had to in order to be a fully functioning grown up.
  11. She doesn’t change herself for anyone. She doesn’t conform to impress you. She shows who she is and doesn’t worry about what you’ll think because if you’re worth having in her life, you’ll stick around to be with this amazing and grown ass woman.