14 Signs You’re In Love With Love

Love can be addicting, with highs and lows that nothing else can come close to matching. It’s intoxicating and makes the world around you feel vibrant and alive. This is what’s called being in love with love. It makes you almost desperate in your search to find a relationship, because finding The One means you’ll love and be loved entirely. It’s only human to feel this way, but it ends up being hard to tell the difference between real love and .the idea of it. If you’re in love with love, you’ll probably relate to these 14 things:

  1. You think Hallmark movies are real. Hallmark is well known for their original romances throughout the year, especially Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Do you think these are actually real? Do you try to act them out in real life? These are called fantasies and don’t usually happen, at least not in the few week time span that happens in movies.
  2. It only takes two seconds for you to fall head over heels. Does it only take a single “Hi” or a smile to make you think you’re in love? Yeah, you’re not in love. You’re just elated to think the other person is in love with you. If you fall this quickly all the time, there’s a major problem.
  3. You can’t wait to say it. I’m glad you think you’re in love, but you shouldn’t be saying “I love you” on a first date. If even your friends are saying it’s way too soon, you’re more in love with love than the other person.
  4. You’re never not in love. Think back. When was the last time you weren’t in love? The few days it took to find someone new doesn’t count. Seriously, you shouldn’t be in love with everyone you date.
  5. You can’t be alone — at all. The thought of being alone makes you almost physically ill. You need to have someone around at all times. Usually it’s just to make you feel like you’re part of a happy couple. You’re addicted to being in a relationship and now you can’t stand being alone at all.
  6. Rebounds are your next love interest. You’re supposed to bang a rebound, not fall in love with them. I know it happens occasionally, but not every time. If all your rebounds are also exes, you might have a love problem.
  7. You can talk yourself into loving someone. Everyone else knows he’s wrong for you, including you. Yet you’re able to brainwash yourself into thinking you love him. Just being in love is all that matters. Who you’re in love with, doesn’t.
  8. You’re always in love with the wrong people. Usually we fall in love with someone because we have something in common or the chemistry is amazing. Does it always seem like you’re in love with someone you don’t mesh with at all? If it was really love, he wouldn’t be so completely wrong for you.
  9. Life’s all about soulmates. I’ve watched people drive themselves crazy looking for their soulmate. You’re different though. You keep dating without a break, claiming that every guy that makes it to a second date is your soul mate. You’re obsessed with finding a soulmate, no matter how many guys you have to love.
  10. You’re more interested in a fairy tale wedding than the right guy. Are you just looking for a guy to fit the tux in your imaginary wedding? It’s a classic symptom of being in love with love. You don’t really care who the guy is. You already know that if he’ll give you your dream wedding, you’re going to love him.
  11. You’re obsessed with turning any guy into your ideal guy. You have standards, but guys don’t have to meet them to qualify. You’re happy to change them into your dream guy. There aren’t any limitations. You’re willing to change how they look and act, their friends, what they like and more. It’s also why guys tend to run away screaming.
  12. You love that they love you, even if you don’t love them. OK, so you can secretly admit to yourself that you don’t love the other person, but they love you so it’s good. That’s all you’re really after — finding someone to love you.
  13. You’re always wondering if there’s someone better. The problem with being addicted to the idea of love is you’re always thinking ahead. What if that one guy you met the other day would love you more? Maybe you should leave this guy and date someone else. You’re just not sure. You wouldn’t want to miss out.
  14. You base your worth on the love you receive. It’s a sad symptom, but all too common. While you should always base your worth on you and you alone, you base your worth solely on getting a guy to love you. You wonderful, but without a partner to say the words, you just don’t feel good enough. Remember, you’re always good enough and loving yourself is the most important thing.
Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.