This Silver Lace Plant Will Make Your Garden Look Like A Winter Wonderland All Summer Long

Is there anything more magical than looking out on your back yard on a winter’s day, maybe somewhere around Christmas, and seeing everything covered in snow? With global warming, that hasn’t happened all that much lately (at least not where I live), but now you don’t even have to wait until December to see if it will. This silver ragwort plant will turn your garden into a winter wonderland all summer long!

It’s the perfect bit of foliage. While vibrant blooms are what summer is all about, sometimes you just want something a little more understated when it comes to your plants. Silver ragwort, also known as Dusty Miller or Jacobaea maritime, fits the bill perfectly here.

The leaves of the silver ragwort are stunning. It’s clear just by looking at the ornamental plant that it’s extremely intricate and beautiful. The silvery sheen casts a wintery glow on the plant as a whole that’s downright magical. The fact that it seems like it would be a winter bloomer but is actually at its height all summer is pretty neat too.

Silver ragwort absolutely adores sunshine. If you decide to plant some in your own back yard, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight every day because silver ragwort will absolutely drink it up. It prefers well-drained soil, as well, so keep that in mind when you plant it.

It’s actually incredibly low-maintenance. While you’ll need to water your silver ragwort plant regularly during the first two weeks until the roots take hold in the soil you’ve planted it in, after that you can kind of leave it alone to do its thing. And while you can cut off dead leaves if they’re unsightly, there’s no need to do that and silver ragwort will do just fine on its own.

Seeds are inexpensive and can be planted through June. If you love the look of silver ragwort and want its beauty in your own garden, you can likely buy a plant at your local garden center. Amazon also sells a pack of more than 200 seeds* for only $9.99 so you don’t even have to leave home. Happy planting!

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