Being Single Is Ah-Maz-Ing Once You Stop Taking Love So Seriously

Being Single Is Ah-Maz-Ing Once You Stop Taking Love So Seriously ©iStock/iprogressman

Contrary to popular belief, being single doesn’t mean you always need to be actively looking for love. It isn’t all about dating, breaking up, complaining about crappy guys and saddling up to get back up on the horse again. Being single can actually be an extremely liberating and empowering experience if you’re smart enough to embrace it fully. In fact, it’s actually amazing once you stop taking love so seriously.

  1. You get to do whatever, whenever, with whomever. Having your complete independence is fan-tastic. Instead of constantly focusing on the man flavor of the month, whom you hope will be the future Mr. Hubby one day, you’re more concerned with other riveting parts of your life — like last minute weekend getaways with the girls, upgrading your career ambitions or taking up a badass new kickboxing class. To you, life isn’t all about having a guy because your life already rocks.
  2. Dating without expectations is a lot more exciting. When you stop giving a crap about sizing every guy you meet up as a potential forever beau, you start having actual fun while dating, if you choose to date at all. Getting to know new personalities, not caring about cliche dating rules and just living in the moment not only takes the pressure off, it also makes for some really raw and exciting dating experiences.
  3. You’re not afraid to be your true self. You don’t need to hold back any part of who you are just to impress a guy or avoid scaring him off. When you stop giving a crap about carefully planned dating behaviors and strategies with every guy you come into contact with, you start living and loving for no one but yourself — and there’s no better feeling.
  4. You don’t need to apologize for being less than perfect. If you accidentally burp (because you’re human) or show any parts of your flaws, you really don’t give a crap. You are who you are and you’re damn proud of it. When you’re not hell bent set on finding love, you realize it’s nice to actually just chill, be your complete self, keep having your fun. This way, all the right people and guys who are meant to be in your life will come in and stay there. If they don’t, oh well. Next!
  5. Moving on is easier when you DGAF. When things don’t work out with a guy you’ve been dating, it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. Sure, maybe he was a loser, or maybe the sex was too terrible to force it into anything more than a short fling, but whatever the reason, you’re fine with it. You get over it quickly and make room for the next amazing adventure in your life.
  6. Wine time with the girls is always on the menu. Did I mention you and your friends have the most amazing wine parties, always? Your life isn’t about spending Friday nights swiping Tinder and ditching your friendships for dates with dudes — you make solid effort into keeping your existing relationships alive because they’re important to you and because guys come and go, but friends are forever.
  7. Not having to be on point with your looks is freeing AF. Leaving your house without makeup would seem like the end of the world if you were always in anticipation of coming across Prince Charming — but when you stop taking finding love so seriously, you don’t even notice. You’ll leave the house bare faced in sweatpants and a messy bun and grab your groceries and wine with pride, zero f*cks given.
  8. You’re amazing just as you are. You have nothing to prove to anyone by making love the leading priority in your life because your life is already full of so many other amazing things — love is just a bonus. Taking love too seriously means putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and sucking the fun out of the life you’re already killing it in — why bother? Would love be nice to finally have in your life? Sure it would, but you don’t sweat it if you don’t — you’ve got your single life figured out.