Single Doesn’t Mean Lonely—Here’s What It Means Instead

Sure, we might have lonely days where we just long for a cuddle, a kiss, or someone to watch The Bachelor with and that’s totally normal. However, most of the time, being single isn’t lonely at all—it’s awesome.

  1. We’re too busy conquering the world to think about dating. Generally, we’re looking out for number one and we’re busy building amazing lives for ourselves every single day. We’re not huddled in a corner, sobbing into a tub of ice cream. We already have hectic schedules, so can you imagine if we tried to add a guy into the mix? Sometimes it’s even difficult to remember to make our (now long overdue) dentist appointments, so we’re not quite sure our schedules can handle dating as well. Sorry, guys.
  2. We have our list of priorities in order and guys are WAY down on it. Simply put, dating is not at the top of our list of priorities. In fact, it’s way down there. We have so much more other stuff that we choose to focus on and a guy just wouldn’t fit into our current lifestyle.
  3. We’re working on our own personal development and goals. Sure, most of us agree that it’d be nice to have a guy in our lives eventually, but we’re happy just doing us for now. We have a whole list of improvements that we want to make when it comes to our careers, hopes, dreams and goals, and we’re constantly striving to do better. The truth is, we don’t need a man to help us with this—we can be our own personal cheerleaders. We’ve totally got this.
  4. We’re spending time with our families. Before we potentially get bogged down with our own families in the future, we’re taking this time out from guys to enjoy the company of those who we love the most, those who have known us since birth. As we don’t currently have a guy in our lives to distract us, we can focus our attention on those who deserve it. It’s rather nice.
  5. We’re cementing our friendships. You know what they say: you have more time for your friends when you’re not dating, and it’s so true. We’re growing and maintaining our friendships more effectively than ever before because we’re single. All that time, effort, and energy that’s usually spent on a guy? We’re giving it to our gal pals—and it’s making our bonds a hell of a lot stronger as a result. That’s not to say we’ll ever ditch our girls for a guy, but it’s nice to not have to try and balance the two for now.
  6. We’re chasing our passions. Yes, we already have heavy schedules, but when we do have spare time, we use it to chase our passions and discover new ones, which not only fulfills us and contributes to our overall happiness but also helps us to become more well-rounded individuals. Go us.
  7. We’re making decisions with only ourselves in mind. While couples are wasting months agonizing over where they’re going to buy a house and live together because one person lives in Maine and one person lives in Nebraska, we’re cruising through life only having to think about ourselves. We’ll have whatever we want for dinner with a side of smugness, as there isn’t a guy in our lives telling us that we can’t cook tuna pasta bake because they don’t like tuna. We can do what we like when we like and we don’t have to answer to anyone. That’s a pretty liberating feeling.
  8. We get to starfish in bed. Gone are the days where we’re fighting for the duvet, the bed is being hogged, or we can’t get to sleep due to a guy’s incessant snoring. Yawn. We now get to stretch out until our heart’s content every time we go to sleep and it’s pure bliss.
  9. We choose to be single. Bottom line? We want to be able to focus on ourselves right now. We’re happy doing us and we’re enjoying life without overcomplicating it by dating. We find that things are so much simpler and more straightforward, and you know what? We kind of love it.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at