Single Or Taken, You Owe It To Yourself To Feel Confident And Beautiful

Some women think that the only real way to be happy is to find love. Yes, being in love is a wonderful thing, but you can still be happy and love yourself without a relationship. In fact, it’s important to love yourself before getting into anything serious. You should never rely on someone else for your own happiness. Confidence is sexy, so take note — here’s how to love yourself without a man:

Spend time with the people who make you happy.

Plan lunches with your best girlfriends. Catch up with a relative. Spend time with your mom. Being around people you love and who love you back will not only make you happier, it’ll make you realize that people appreciate you and cherish your time together.

Detox from the people and things that are dragging you down.

Get all the nastiness out of your life. Whether it’s a bad diet, a bad job or a bad friend, let it go and never look back. Removing negativity from your life is like lifting a weight off your shoulders.

Move your body regularly and often.

Seriously. You’ll look and feel better the more time you spend breaking a sweat. Find what works for you, whether it’s yoga, kickboxing, or just speed walking on the hamster wheel. Your endorphins will be pumping and you’ll have so much more energy. Set a goal and stick to it.

Work on building your career.

You’re young, strong and capable! It’s the perfect time in your life to focus on growing professionally and taking yourself more seriously. Being successful in the workplace and making your own money will make you feel independent, powerful and super confident.

Learn to forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes. Negative self-talk is the easiest way to make your life suck. Dwelling on something that happened in the past can be depressing. Take some time to reflect on your mistakes, figure out what you learned from them, forgive yourself, own it and move on.

Count your blessings.

There’s so much to be thankful for in this life. As soon as you realize all the amazing things you have going on and stop focusing on what you don’t have, you’ll be so much happier and you’ll appreciate your life a little more.

Lose the negative attitude.

Life doesn’t suck because you’re single. Just because you haven’t found the right guy doesn’t mean you’re not worthy. The mind is a powerful thing – the more you have negative thoughts the more your life will reflect that. Think positively and encourage yourself often. Tell yourself how awesome you are!

Be unapologetically yourself — screw whoever doesn’t like it.

 As soon as you stop caring what others think about you, you’ll be free. Not everyone needs to take the same path in life, so stick to your true self and you’ll be so much happier than following in the footsteps of someone else. If people think you’re weird or different, good — embrace it!

Smile more.

Even if it’s just at yourself in the mirror. Smiling won’t only make you feel better, it’s also contagious. Spread your happiness and you’ll end up surrounded by people smiling, all because of you.

Be adventurous with your look.

Try that bright lipstick you’ve been eyeing for weeks! Wear that funky jacket you’ve had in the closet for years. Whatever it is, just go for it. Most likely people will love your bold style and you’ll receive compliments all day long.

Get creative.

Find an outlet. Painting, playing an instrument, writing — whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing. This is a great way to get rid of any stress or anxiety you might be having, unwind and relax. You’ll also have a cute gift to give friends and family, or new décor for your home.

Celebrate the small victories.

Getting a good grade on a test, getting a promotion at work, reaching your personal best at the gym — all of these things are worth celebrating! You don’t have to wait for something monumental to happen to pop a bottle and have a night out with your crew. Celebrate being single, celebrate being you, celebrate life.

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