Single Woman Shares Ways She ‘Tests’ Men On First Dates To See If They Can ‘Provide For Her’

A single woman from Florida has revealed that she has a series of “tests” she puts men through on first dates to see if they’re capable of looking after her. Gabby, who posts on TikTok and Instagram as @respectfullygabby, divided users with her long list of requirements for men, which she insists are put in place so that she can avoid wasting her time.

Gabby wants a man who can “provide [for] and protect” her. This is why she puts these measures in place when she goes out with a guy for the first time. “Here are some tests I play on men in order to see if they’ll be able to provide and protect me. Because if they’re not, I don’t f***ing need them. You shouldn’t either,” she says in a now-viral TikTok video.

First off, the man always needs to pay. This is a no-brainer for Gabby, who calls going Dutch “bulls***” and something she’s not willing to do. “First thing’s first: him paying for the date. Let’s stop this conversation and the back and forth, the 50/50, the bullsh***. First date, he needs to be paying 100 per cent. And if he’s not then goodbye,” she explained.

He also needs to make sure she gets home okay. She wants the guy she’s with you wait for her Uber to come even if she says he’s fine to leave. “As we are leaving, we both had Ubers going separate ways. His Uber came first, and he was like, ‘Oh, no, I’ll wait for you,'” she recalled of a recent date. “Me, in my head, I’m like, ‘Oh no, you don’t have to wait for me.’ Being kind. And this man gets into his Uber and takes off. It is four a.m. in Miami, Florida, where no good is to come. Everything is shut down and I’m standing by myself in the middle of the f***ing street.” She went on to say that if a guy doesn’t make sure she gets into the car safely and that she made it home okay, he’ll never hear from her again.

She also expects the shirt off a guy’s back. The other test Gabby pulls is seeing if men are willing to give her their coats. “When we’re out, if you have, like, a jacket on, or some kind of overshirt, I will always, without a doubt, say that I’m cold. ‘Cause I wanna see if you will give me the shirt off your back, and if you don’t, you’re dead to me,” she explains. “And then if you do, I won’t take it. ‘Cause h**s don’t get cold.”

Some people agreed with Gabby’s approach to dating. However, others accused her of playing games with men and said that the video explains why Gabby is still single. “Men don’t need to provide and protect for every single woman that they meet. You’re confusing a 1st date with a husband or serious boyfriend,” one person wrote. Another added: “He dodged a bullet! You’re a grown a** woman playing childish games. You set YOURSELF up for failure.”


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