The Sit N’ Sip Chair Could Hold 750 Bottles Of Wine… If It Was Real

In these trying quarantine times, we need to do whatever we can to maintain our sanity and our happiness. One way to do that? Copious amounts of wine. The Sit N’ Sip Refillable Winebag Chair certainly fits the bill here. It holds a whopping 150 gallons of wine — well, it would if it was real, anyway.

Sadly, a wine chair doesn’t actually exist. Turns out, this is a genius meme created by some talented and smart person online created the image for a fake Amazon product page for the Sit N’ Sip Refillable Winebag chair showing a young smiling woman chillin’ with the chair’s straw in her hand, ready to get drunk as hell (or perhaps she already is). If ever we’ve needed something like this, it’s now.

Imagine 750 bottles worth of wine. According to the fake product description, the wine chair would be full of 150 GALLONS of wine. I wonder how long it would take to get through that much? I mean, I guess you could share it with whoever you’re self-isolating with, but maybe they should just get their own.

Floating on wine? Talk about heaven! I feel like there’s an emotional high that would come along with knowing that you’re relaxing in front of the TV on a chair MADE OF WINE (basically). I mean, sure, the chair will deflate the more you drink, but given how much it would theoretically hold, that would probably take a while.

I feel like $299 would be a bargain price. If this was a real product, I feel like the suggested $299 price tag would be totally worth it. After all, this is an actual piece of furniture that you would theoretically fill with thousands of dollars of wine. A few hundred bucks is a bargain price.

If any entrepreneurs want to make this a reality, I’d buy it… Something tells me millions of other people would too… Come on, wine chair. We’re counting on you.

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