Skinny Pigs Are Hairless Guinea Pigs That Look Like Adorable Little Hippos

Skinny Pigs Are Hairless Guinea Pigs That Look Like Adorable Little Hippos Facebook/Awkward Animals

Have you ever seen a hairless guinea pig? If so, you’re missing out. They’re tiny, adorable, and look like little hippos. They’re called “skinny pigs” and while their appearance is somewhat shocking at first glance, once you get used to them, you’ll want to cuddle them all.

  1. Hairless guinea pigs aren’t entirely bald. They do have a few whiskers on their face, feet, and legs, but generally speaking, they’re as smooth as freshly shaven legs. The random few hairs they do have make them extra cute because they’re so random and I just wanna squish ’em and kiss ’em. Sorry, I have a problem.
  2. Skinny pigs are the result of cross-breeding. It was back in 1978 that someone decided to make a hairless guinea pig by crossing a regular ol’ guinea pig with a hairless lab. And voila, skinny pigs were born. While I do think we need to take it easy with experimenting on animals, you have to admit these things are super cute.
  3. They make great pets. While you may never have seen one before, more and more people in North America and Europe have been bringing these hairless little buddies into their homes as pets. Their personalities are super friendly and sociable so they’re actually pretty awesome in addition to being cute, making it a win-win.
  4. They do need to eat more, however. Because these guinea pigs are hairless, they need more food to convert to energy to maintain their body temperatures. In addition, you should make sure these sweeties always have cozy, fluffy blankets to curl up in to keep them nice and toasty. Wouldn’t want them getting cold, would you?
  5. You’ll also need to protect your skinny pig’s skin. No hair means no protection from the sun, so if you’re taking your guinea pig outdoors, make sure to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. That means cute little outfits!
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