This Skull Decanter Set Is The Answer To Your Boozy Halloween Needs

As far as spooky Halloween decor goes, jack o’ lanterns and witches seem entry-level in comparison to this skull decanter set by Royal Decanters. It’s a more mature version of creepy and totally badass and will make your home bar area (or even your living room coffee table) send the message that you’re one freaky MF’er. What more could you ask for?

  1. The set comes with the decanter and glasses. If you’re less of a wine and beer guy/gal and prefer harder liquor, this set is perfect for you. Whether your drink of choice is whiskey, tequila, rum, or brandy, you can fill up the 750ml skull decanter and you’re good to go. The glasses it comes with also have an amazing skull shape inside and they’re double-walled.
  2. Seriously, the decanter is huge. As mentioned, it holds 750 ml, which is big enough to fit a standard bottle of wine or other spirits. That’s massive! It also means you can open and use an entire bottle on the decanter without having to shotgun the remainder of the bottle before it goes off (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing…)
  3. It’s made of hand-blown glass. As the product description reads, “This elegant lead-free skull decanter is entirely hand made. From the handcrafted wood stand to the hand-blown skull-shaped glass decanter and shot glasses to the wooden base of each matching bar glass – we pay attention to each detail so that each set can display beautifully in your home/bar.” You can totally tell just from looking at it how high-quality it is.
  4. It’s the perfect gift for the adult Halloween lover. There are plenty of plastic cups and chintzy wine glasses with Halloween sayings/designs on them, but this skull decanter set is much more refined and also a little bit metal/goth, but in an understated way. It would make the perfect gift for friends or family members or even for yourself, if that’s your vibe.
  5. You can use it year-round, not just Halloween. Because it’s just a skull and not a jack o’lantern or anything too fall-centric, you can keep this out all year ’round and it wouldn’t be out of place… well, probably. If it is, maybe a little redecorating is in order?

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