New Toilet Coating Stops Waste Sticking To The Bowl

Everyone has digestive problems now and then. In fact, if you have a disorder like IBS, Crohn’s, or similar, chances are your trips to the bathroom aren’t always very pleasant. However, one of the worst side effects of messy number twos is the fact that the crap can sometimes stick to the bowl, leaving unsightly and unhygienic splotches behind… until now, that is!

Scientists have discovered something pretty cool. Scientists at Penn State University have made an “ultra-slippery toilet coating” that can apparently eliminate stains, reduce germs, and keep those gross splotches from sticking to the bowl.

It saves water too. According to the scientists, using this coating can save up to 90% of the amount of water needed to flush waste away, which is pretty great for the environment and our water bills. If everyone used this stuff, they believe overall water usage could be cut by 50%, which is pretty monumental.

This is a serious breakthrough. Tak-Sing Wong, Wormley Early Career Professor of Engineering and associate professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, told Penn State News, “Our team has developed a robust bio-inspired, liquid, sludge- and bacteria-repellent coating that can essentially make a toilet self-cleaning.”

So how does it work? Co-creator Jin Wang says it’s a two-part process, meaning you’d need to spray twice to get the full effect. The first spray is made from “molecularly grafted polymers” and builds the basis for the coating to work. “When it dries, the first spray grows molecules that look like little hairs, with a diameter of about 1,000,000 times thinner than a human’s,” Wang explained. He continued, “When we put that coating on a toilet in the lab and dump synthetic fecal matter on it, it (the synthetic fecal matter) just completely slides down and nothing sticks to it (the toilet).” Sweet!

Hopefully this can be expanded upon and eventually used everywhere. These are obviously just the beginning stages of research with this product, but assuming it does hold up to rigorous testing, it could be a great way to save water and create more hygienic toilet situations, and I think we can all get behind that.


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