Slow Down — Here’s How You Know You’re Falling For Him Way Too Fast

With some guys, it’s easy to keep some emotional distance even after you’ve felt a connection. But every once in a while, someone comes along and turns your world upside-down. If you’re experiencing these things, you’re probably into this guy way more than you’d originally planned:

  1. You think about him all the damn time. No matter all the little things you try to distract yourself with, he’s at the forefront of your mind. It’s the classic “can’t get him out of your mind” scenario. Even the tiniest, stupidest things remind you of him, and you can’t change it no matter how hard you try.
  2. You ask him way too many questions. When you really like someone, you catch yourself asking him so many questions. You don’t want this conversion to end; you want to get to know the real him. You want to know everything about his hometown and where he wants his future to take him, all the places he’s been to and all the ones he wants to see.
  3. You miss him too soon. There’s missing someone and then there’s missing someone like crazy right after they said goodbye. Your heart stutters a little every time the two of you part, and all you can think about as you both walk away is when you’re seeing him again.
  4. You’re picturing a tomorrow with both of you. At the back of your mind, you know that this is the guy you could picture yourself with, and whether or not you’re ready to admit it, you kind of already are. You’re thinking it would be awesome to go to that concert of the band you both like in November… but it’s only February. Did you just catch yourself making long-term plans?
  5. You want to talk about the deep and meaningful. There’s no small talk when the two of you are together. No batting eyelashes over pointless talk about the weather for you — you want to talk about things that matter to both of you. You want to know what makes him tick, what he hates and what he loves.  You want to get right to the core of what matters, because suddenly that little voice in your head is telling you that HE matters.
  6. You’re taking longer to get ready. Suddenly you’re fussing a little too much over what you’re going to wear. You’re spending a little bit longer choosing the right shade of lipstick. Your morning routine is taking quite a bit longer than usual, not that you mind. In fact, you’ve set your alarm to wake up earlier so you’re sacrificing a bit of your sleep time getting ready just so you can look even prettier when you see him again.
  7. You have a cute little spring in your step. There’s no denying it: your whole world seems a little brighter now that he’s in it. The worries and stress of everyday life seem to be bouncing right off this beautiful bubble surrounding you. It just feels like everything is working out. Your face hurts from smiling too much!
  8. You can’t stop talking to your friends about him. Every conversation you have with your best friends somehow comes back to him and something he said or something he did. You manage to bring him up countless times in casual conversion, and you’re only saying good things about him.  You realize that you want your friends to like him as much as you do (well, maybe not that much, or they’ll be crazy about him, too).
  9. You’re dreaming about him. You know you’re in deep when he pops up in your dreams, because suddenly, day-dreaming about him doesn’t seem like it’s enough. The subconscious mind is powerful, right? You might wonder if it’s a sign, and it sure is — a sign that you’re hooked!
  10. You don’t even mind admitting it. The truth is you know that you’re in a little deeper than you intended. This guy really means something to you, and you know it’s true when you find no shame in admitting it! Go out and shout your love to the world… or start small by telling him how you feel.
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