Small Town Girls Make The Best Girlfriends — Here’s Why

Small Town Girls Make The Best Girlfriends — Here’s Why ©iStock/Tixti

Small town girls are unique and we know it. Because our start in life is so simple, we develop the kind of gentle strength and adaptability that makes us amazing partners. When it comes to the things that really matter, you’ll never go wrong dating a small town girl; even if we’ve relocated, we’ll be small town at heart forever.

  1. We’re used to being held accountable. Everyone knows everyone and everyone’s mother in a small town, so we’re well acquainted with the concept of a village raising a child. It makes us think twice about everything we do and say because we don’t want to disrespect or hurt anyone.
  2. We’re laid-back and low maintenance. We’re used to driving at least a solid half hour to find something as simple as a grocery store; an actual mall might be an all-day trip. Because we grew up without a lot of luxuries, name brands and labels, we tend to not give a damn who designed our shirt or if it’s in style; we pick out what we like and keep it on a budget.
  3. We appreciate the little things.  There’s something to be said for being easy to impress. We’re amazed if we get a decent cell phone signal or manage to have our pizza delivered instead of going on a long road trip to pick it up; while our small-town spirit may seem laughable to some, it’s an asset to us because we don’t have high expectations, and that makes every victory sweeter for us.
  4. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. Chances are, we won’t need anyone to smash a spider or change a tire for us; where we come from, those are skills everyone grows up with. Even when a new challenge arises, our natural instinct is to figure out how to do it ourselves because, in our experience, that’s usually quicker than finding a specialist.
  5. We tend to be hopeless romantics. The world we grew up in is full of beautiful sunsets, bonfires, and simple picnics in the park; how could we not be romantics? We’d rather spend a simple evening cuddling under the stars than go to a noisy club or a fancy restaurant; to us, it’s just so much more worthwhile to spend private time together and not spend a dime.
  6. We know how to cut costs without eliminating fun. In our neck of the woods, money isn’t free-flowing and we learn from an early age that it really doesn’t grow on trees. Therefore, we become experts at having fun on a budget, and that’s a pretty awesome skill to have. Pressure to overspend on dates and gifts can cause stress in new relationships, and we don’t want that; we just want a partner to spend every day with, for richer or for poorer.
  7. For us, true love is forever. Chances are, we watched our parents go through the ups and downs of life together and learned a lot about how relationships ought to be. We know that real love requires patience, kindness, and compromise: we know that it’s not always easy but it’s worth it. In our world, there aren’t quite as many fish in the sea (and some of the fish in that sea are downright poisonous), so we value the good relationships we find. We know there’s someone in the world we’re supposed to be with, and we’ll hold on forever once we find them.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.