This Smart Planter Helps You Keep Your Plants Alive By Telling You What They Need

If you love the idea of being a plant parent but can’t for the life of you keep any alive, you’ll want to listen up here. A company called Mu Design has created a product called Lua, a smart planter that makes keeping your plants alive SO much easier. It’s a must-have for anyone who kills every plant they get.

  1. It tells you what your plants need. Sometimes it’s hard to know when your plant needs water or if it’s getting enough sunlight, especially since every plant has different requirements to thrive. That’s where Lua comes in. The smart planter tells you if your plant is thirsty or is in desperate need of some Vitamin D, which will make your life so much easier.
  2. Lua isn’t just a smart planter, it’s cute too. Lua is a plant pot that has a little screen on it that makes facial expressions that let you know how your plant is feeling. It makes loads of different facial expressions. For instance, if its tongue is sticking out, your plant needs more water. If Lua sprouts vampire fangs, get some sunlight on that plant.
  3. A happy face means you’re doing something right. If your plant is properly watered, you’ll see your smart planter smiling wide. A frown obviously means the opposite. Crazy enough, Lua is capable of following you around since it can detect motion. When you’re not around, don’t fret. It’ll just go to sleep and the little screen will go blank.
  4. Sadly, Lua isn’t available just yet. The smart planter was a successful Indiegogo campaign that loads of people got behind. However, given the current situation in the world, the estimated shipping date of March 2020 has now been pushed back to July. Getting one will cost you about $108, which is a small price to pay for something so awesome, I think.
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