The Smarter You Are, The More Successful You’ll Be In Love

The smarter you are, the harder it can be to find the right guy for you — at least at first. While you probably get frustrated by bad dates and even worse men, that won’t always be the case. You’re strong and perceptive and you know exactly what you want — and when you eventually find love, it’ll be that much better.

You know what you want in detail. Sure, you want to be physically attracted to your partner, but really you couldn’t care less about looks if he hasn’t got the brain and personality to back them up. You’ve got a list of qualities you’re looking for in a guy and having a clear idea of what you want is half the battle.

Your connection with the right guy will be physical, emotional, and intellectual. Smart women always find a way to go beyond small talk to learn something new from every person and experience they encounter. You like to know the nitty gritty details, because those intelligent and in depth chats are what make any and every relationship stronger. When you finally find the right guy, you’ll never stop learning from him, and that’ll help your love grow even further.

You know the true meaning of love. You’re not enchanted by fairy tales and fantasies because you know they’re unrealistic. Because you accept love for what it truly is, good and bad, you’re never disappointed when it loses its story book shine. You know you’ll have to work to keep things between you strong and healthy, and you’re prepared to put in the necessary work.

You know better than to settle for mediocrity. Just because love isn’t a fairy tale and Prince Charming doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you’ll accept less than you deserve. You won’t tolerate crappy guys who don’t appreciate you or ones that try to dull your shine. You’re smart, and you know how much more there is to life and love than mediocrity.

You automatically look for partners that are on your level. A smart woman needs a guy who will provide a mental challenge, and you end up happier for it in the long run. Relationships can get boring quickly for you if you’re with someone who’s not even remotely on your intellectual wavelength, so you automatically seek a guy that can keep up with your fast-paced mind.

You can fend for yourself and don’t need to rely on anyone. The best part of finding love is that you’re smart enough to fend for yourself if need be. Many women get stuck on being dependent on their partners, but you know better than to put yourself in such a vulnerable position. You aren’t just in control, you’re responsible as hell. You know better than to lose sight of your priorities.

Your knowledge is sexy. Smart women end up more successful in love because their intelligence and confidence is just plain hot. You’ve got more going for her than your outward beauty and you never stop broadening your horizons. The men that fall in love with you will fall head over heels because nothing is sexier than a woman with a smart mind.

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