This Smiling Pepperoni Pizza Heating Pad Will Make Cramps A Lot Less Painful

One of the biggest downsides to being a woman has to be the period cramps. They can range from mildly annoying to downright debilitating, and the fact that they come back with a vengeance every month is extra terrible. The next time you want to curl up in a ball and throw yourself a pity party, make sure you reach for this smiling pepperoni pizza heating pad* to quell your sorrows (and your cramps).

Who wouldn’t feel better with a smiling slice of pizza? Sure, pizza is usually covered in greasy cheese and it tastes delicious while this pizza heating pad isn’t actually edible, but it’s still totally adorable and really comforting to boot. Just try to keep from feeling at least marginally better just warming this baby up, I dare you.

It’s super easy to warm up. You just pop your pizza heating pad in the microwave for about 30 seconds at a time (you don’t want to get it too hot) until it reaches your desired temp. Then take it out, climb in bed, and let your cramps melt away.

You can use it as a cooling pad too. If you don’t suffer from cramps (lucky you!) but you still want to take part in the fun, this pizza slice also works as a cooling pad. Instead of putting it in the microwave as you would when using it as a heating pad, you can pop it in the freezer for a while instead and it’ll cool you down on those hot and sticky summer nights.

Sadly, it seems to be sold out at the moment. This adorable accessory is so great, it’s currently sold out at Urban Outfitters. However, if you want to bookmark the item page, you can keep an eye on the site to see when and if it comes back in stock so you can grab one ASAP.

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