‘Snickles’ Are The Latest Food Trend That Combines Pickles And Snickers Bars

Pickles are all the rage when it comes to snacking, it seems, and everyone loves chocolate, so why not combine the two, right? Excuse me? Yes, someone thought it would be a great idea to create the “snickle,” a combination of a Snickers bar and a pickle, and I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry, or just gag uncontrollably. However, some people swear by them and think they’re delicious, so what do I know?


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  1. It’s simple enough to make, I guess. If you’re someone who’s into low-maintenance snacks, it doesn’t get easier than this. Literally all you have to do is hollow out a pickle and put a Snickers bar in the middle. It really is that simple.
  2. This has actually been around for a bit. Rhett and Link at Good Mythical MORE created the snickle in a segment in which they asked viewers what snack they should put pickles with. They tried it and it didn’t go well, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to make it a thing.
  3. It seems particularly popular on TikTok. People on TikTok are always up for trying weird things, so of course that’s where the snickle is really thriving at the moment. In fact, many people are trying it out simply because they’re expecting it to be disgusting and they want to gross themselves out, I guess. I don’t recommend it, but hey, whatever you want to do with your life, I guess.
  4. Why not just enjoy these two delicious snacks separately? Not everything has to be combined! Have pickles as a snack. Have a Snickers as a snack. Don’t put them together because they don’t belong together! Besides, wouldn’t these people’s time be way better spent trying to find actually tasty combinations that don’t make us all gag? I think so!
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