Snow Cone Flavored Dill Pickles Are A Thing & I’ve Never Been More Excited

If you love dill pickles and consider them to be a pretty solid snack, you may feel like there’s no way to improve them. After all, they’re pickles—what else could you do to them to make them any better? Oh, I dunno, how about adding fruity flavors? That’s exactly what one company has done, and now you can order your own snow cone flavored dill pickle snack packs on Amazon.

  1. SnoCo Pickles is here to fulfill all your fruity pickle needs. Their pickles come in grape, bahama mama, sour green apple, strawberry, mango, peach, blue raspberry, tropical pineapple, and more. That means whatever your preferred fruity flavor, SnowCo has a dill pickle for you.
  2. The inspiration comes from the South. Like many great dishes, snow cone flavored dill pickles were inspired by the Southern tradition of putting pickles in Kool-Aid to infuse flavor. Koolickles became all the rage, and for good reason, so it only makes sense that these are being manufactured on a larger scale.
  3. They’re high quality (or as high quality as such a thing can be). SnoCo promises that they use only 100% cane sugar in their flavor mixtures, meaning there’s no corn syrup involved. They also use only “premium Kosher dill pickles,” so you’re sure to get the best quality snack.
  4. There are 8 to 10 pickles a bag, so you’ll have snacks for days. Or a few hours, depending on how quickly you eat pickles and how many you eat in a sitting. Of course, if these snack bags aren’t big enough for you, you can also buy a variety pack of every flavor they have in giant jars.
  5. The reviews are pretty solid. While some people couldn’t get down with the fruity flavoring infused into the salty pickles, one or two others couldn’t really taste the flavor at all. However, the overall reviews were generally positive, claiming they were a hit at parties and that they’re just generally yummy. What more could you ask for from a pickle?

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