You Can Now Buy A Pillow Shaped Like A Dude’s Junk With Someone’s Face On It

Personalized gifts are great for weddings or baby showers, but generally speaking, they can verge on corny. Snugzy is selling a product that aims to change all that by allowing you to put the photo of a friend, partner, sibling or colleague’s face on a pillow shaped like a penis, bringing a whole new meaning to the term d**ckhead.

Everyone knows at least one d**khead. Not that you necessarily want to commemorate their presence in your life by putting them on a pillow so you have to see their stupid face all the time, but maybe you use the term about this person in an endearing way. In that case, this is the perfect gift.

The pillow was created by a company called Nerdy Banana. They’re a specialist company that creates unique, quirky personalized items, and this definitely counts as quirky! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for anyone who has a sense of humor, I feel like it’s a must-have.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a willy pillow with their face on it? Christmas is coming, and can you imagine the look on your partner’s/brother’s/BFF’s face as they pulled this bad boy out from under the tree and unwrapped it? Classic! Even better, imagine giving it to your Secret Santa at work! I mean, maybe don’t do that if you don’t want to lose your job, but it sounds hysterical in theory.

They do other shapes as well. If putting someone’s face on a giant penis isn’t your idea of a good time (party pooper!), you can always order another of Snugzy’s products that’s a little more straight-laced. Your choice!

They ship worldwide! That means wherever you are, you can order a personalized penis pillow and hopefully get it in time to put it under the tree from Santa. What better way to celebrate Christmas?

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