Social Worker Fired After Sending Sexual Messages And Selfies To 15-Year-Old Boy In Her Care

A 26-year-old social worker has been fired and is facing legal charges after she was caught sending sexually explicit texts and photos to a 15-year-old boy in her care. Georgia Thomas is said to have shown zero remorse for her actions and was barred by a panel from working as a social care worker and removed from the Register of Social Care Workers as she could put future people under her care in harm’s way.

  1. Thomas initially lied to her boss about her relationship with the boy. A hearing conducted by Social Care Wales found that in addition to telling the boy she loved him and sending an inappropriate photo of herself, she also failed to admit the relationship to her boss or tell him when the teen threatened self-harm.
  2. Thomas was suspended before being dismissed. The panel found that her behavior was “dishonest and lacked integrity,” WalesOnline reports, adding that “her fitness to practice was currently impaired because of her serious misconduct.” In their decision, the panel explained: “Ms. Thomas’s integrity is clearly in question and her actions amount to a breach of a fundamental tenet of social care. Her actions are likely to have caused [the young person in her care] harm by perpetuating his attachment difficulties and they are likely to undermine public confidence if not robustly addressed.”
  3. The teenager could have experienced “significant damage” due to the relationship with Thomas. The panel’s finding continued: “Ms. Thomas showed disregard for [the young person]’s well-being and that of her colleagues. She might have caused significant damage to him during a critical stage of his development, particularly so far as his understanding of appropriate relationships with women are concerned. We have no evidence that Ms. Thomas has accepted that she did wrong and taken serious steps to address her behavior.”
  4. Hopefully the boy in question gets help and a new social worker. He was clearly assigned a social worker because he needed help in some way, so to have his trust betrayed in this way and for Thomas to take advantage of her position of power is horrible. Hopefully, the boy is working with a new social worker who does have his best interests at heart.
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