9 Things I’d Rather Be Than Some Guy’s Wife

Dating is a lot of fun and it’d be great to find a true life partner someday, but if it doesn’t happen for me, no big deal. Being some guy’s wife just isn’t a priority for me—I’m busy focusing on being too many other things to worry about it.

Independent The right relationship wouldn’t make me compromise this entirely, but there’s no point in lying and saying that being part of a couple doesn’t eat into your independence a little bit—and if it doesn’t, you’re probably not a very good partner. I’m way too attached to complete and total freedom. It would take someone pretty special to fit in with that.

Self-sufficient I work as hard as I play and nothing makes me prouder than being able to pay my own rent and bills, put food on my own table, and pay for the things I want in life. I don’t need anyone picking up the tab for me or trying to “rescue” me from anything. I’ve got it all under control.

A kickass friend Not being in a relationship means I have a lot more time to spend with my friends. The women I’m closest to are ones I’ve known for years, several since childhood. Our bond stays strong and continues to grow because we put in the time and effort needed to maintain it. Men come and go, but my girls are for life.

A devoted daughter My parents raised me with all the love and care I could have asked for and now that I’m an adult, I appreciate them and all they’ve done for me more than ever. My focus is on family and in spending as much quality time with them that I can. I know they won’t be here forever and I don’t want to miss a single second with them.

An awesome mom I don’t have kids yet but even if I don’t end up finding a partner, I definitely plan on having them. I don’t believe in the whole “you have to be married and in a committed relationship to successfully raise a child” idea—I know I could be an amazing mom and raise some great kids all on my own when the time comes.

A career woman My career really does come first and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m ambitious and I put in the hours not only to do my job but to go above and beyond so I can continue to advance to bigger and better things. A guy would have to fit in with that and even encourage it rather than trying to distract or pull me away from my work. I love what I do too much.

An entrepreneur In addition to being a great employee, I also have several ideas for my own business as well as a few side hustles that keep me busy and mentally engaged. Being some guy’s wife would give me a title, but being an entrepreneur gives me fulfillment and inspiration to keep expanding my mind. I know which one I prefer.

A world traveler Yes, I could still travel with a partner or husband, but why wait for when/if that ever happens? I love the rush of booking plane tickets to a new destination and heading out there to experience it all on my own. My goal is to visit every country I possibly can before I die, and I’m determined to achieve it.

A voracious reader Obviously marriage wouldn’t preclude me from reading books, but I doubt a guy would take too kindly to me having my head buried in the latest novel for hours every day (when I’m not busy working/creating, that is). I simply don’t have that much attention span and what little I do have left over, I want to invest in literature. Sorry, guys.


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