Some Things Just Don’t Belong On Social Media, So Keep Them To Yourself

Some Things Just Don’t Belong On Social Media, So Keep Them To Yourself ©iStock/BraunS

The social media landscape developed in a pretty short amount of time —  so fast that we’re only seeing the repercussions of oversharing as we go along. As tempting as it is to put everything out there in an effort to connect (or get attention), it’s not always wise. Here are some things you should definitely leave off your social media and keep to yourself. Not only will it preserve your dignity, but it will preserve your reputation in the real world, too.

  1. Overly sexy naked photos. Let’s be honest — there’s a bit of a difference between a tasteful artistic piece and a raunchy naked bathroom selfie on Instagram. Skip the latter.
  2. Snaps of the famous guy you just boned. It’s unbelievable that this is a thing. The privacy breach of that (and serious thirst factor) makes you look like a real douchebag.
  3. Snaps of any guy you just boned. Just, why? Play it safe and assume that people think you’re sexually active without having to prove it to them with ‘morning after’ bed selfies.
  4. Anything racist. This begins with an obvious “don’t be racist at all” implication, but don’t be that person who posts an article after reading just the title and not knowing what it’s about, either.
  5. Facebook privacy statements. From time to time, these things go viral where people try to demand their privacy through a status update. But Facebook already owns everything you post, and they definitely don’t want the grainy photo of the hotdog you ate late last night, anyway.
  6. Anything private or negative about work. Don’t diss your boss, your job, or disclose private information… unless you want to get fired and turn off other potential bosses that might have been in your future.
  7. Your brand new boo. Make it through a a couple weeks of dating before you try to show him off, because we get exhausted trying to keep up with high dating turnovers.
  8. Your relationship status at all. If you’re in a serious relationship, it should be obvious to people who know you, and other than that, no one really needs to knows the “complicated” details.
  9. Anything illegal. Your social media can be used against you in a court of law, okay?
  10. Uniformed political opinions. You’re entitled to your opinions, but posting uniformed is the fastest way to ignite a battle on your page. And no one really wins those.
  11. Your daily diet. For some reason, a lot of the people who do this are brand new to healthy eating and don’t exactly have all the answers. Start a blog instead and see who’s interested as opposed to forcing your new realizations on your feed.
  12. Driving selfies. There’s literally no point except to show us that you’re not watching the road and we’re never getting in your car again.
  13. Terrible photos. Don’t we all have smartphones? Skip the overly zoomed in, grainy, bad quality pics that look they were just developed from a ten year old disposable camera. We have apps for this you guys, it’s so easy!
  14. Depressing stuff. Reaching out in a time of need is absolutely crucial, but doing it on social media isn’t going to get the support you need. Call a friend instead.
  15. Personal information. Don’t post photos of your passport, your lab report, your credit card, or anything that has your private information on it. I don’t think we need to mention why.
  16. Duplicates of the same pic. Just because Facebook still allows you to make event albums doesn’t mean 35 photos of you blowing out your birthday candles are better than one.
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