Time To Face Facts: Some Types Of Relationships Will Never Last

Time To Face Facts: Some Types Of Relationships Will Never Last ©iStock/lisegagne

There are plenty of narratives we believe about love, which sometimes makes us overconfident. Our romantic side takes over and we believe that love can overcome all odds. But real life isn’t a movie, and there are many situations when your relationship is more likely to fail. Of course that’s not certain, and things could work out after a lot of hard work. So which love stories are more of an exception than a rule?

  1. Friends with benefits falling in love. It’s a nice thought because that “with benefits” stage could be seen as a test run for a real relationship. But statistics say you’re better off not doing it at all, or at the very least trying your hardest not to catch feelings. According to Psychology Today, only 10 – 20% of friends with benefits relationships turn into a long-term relationship. Those aren’t necessarily very good odds.
  2. A married cheater divorcing to be with their lover. We all know the cliché  that married men never leave their wives for their mistresses and vice versa, and it exists for a reason. According to a survey from Victoria Milan, this is true since 76% reported saying they want to continue sleeping with their spouses and lovers, 69% reported not wanting to leave their marriage, and 85% don’t view their side piece as a suitable long-term partner. If they do start a relationship with the person they had an affair with, then it’s statistically destined to end the same way. According to Medical Daily, people who have cheated in a previous relationship are 3.5 times more likely to cheat in their next relationship.
  3. A successful marriage that has a large age gap. Sometimes you fall in love with someone who on paper has more in common with your parents than you. People overcome this every day, right? According to data from Emory, the larger the age gap, the more likely you’ll divorce. Specifically couples with a five-year age gap are 18% more likely to divorce, 10-year age gaps are 39% more likely, and 20-year age gaps are 95% more likely. So age is definitely more than just a number.
  4. Falling love at first sight and having it last. Feelings might come into play quickly and you might want to walk down the aisle right away. It’s understandable, since in movies we see couples meeting then ending with marriage in less than two hours. In real life, the chances of these types of relationships not ending in divorce is slim. According to a survey with married couples, couple who dated three years or more have a more stable marriage. Unlike couple who dated less than six months who have the highest divorce rate.
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