Be With Someone Who Actually Gives A Damn About You AND Does These 10 Things

Finding genuine love these days may seem impossible, but it’s definitely out there — it can just take a lot of patience. In the meantime, don’t settle for BS just because you don’t want to be on your own. Be with someone who actually gives a damn about you, because you deserve it.

  1. Be with someone who calls and texts when he says he will. Don’t make excuses for the guy who doesn’t text you for days on end and flakes out on plans to get together — he’s just not that into you. You deserve to be someone’s priority and someone who’s thinking about you constantly. You’re not an option or a backup plan.
  2. Be with someone who actually asks you out and can’t wait to see you. Time is the most valuable thing anyone can give you. The guys who make real and concrete plans with you and follow through with them are the real winners in the pack. Don’t settle for some guy who constantly makes excuses as to why he doesn’t have time to see you. Instead, make room for the guy who will make it his business to make real memories with you.
  3. Be with someone who misses you when you’re not around. If he gives a damn about you, he’ll tell you he misses you or that he can’t wait to see you — don’t settle for anything less. You want the guy who’s crazy about you, not someone who’s only “meh” about your spot in his life. Your presence is a present. Doesn’t he realize that?
  4. Be with someone who not only tells you his feelings but shows you too. Not every guy can verbalize his feelings, but every guy has a way of expressing himself through his actions, so pay attention. You deserve a guy who makes you feel like the luckiest woman in the world in the way that he treats you. That’s the only type of guy you should make room for in your life.
  5. Be with someone who gives a crap when you’re upset, even if he caused it. If you’re down and out, he should be there as support to pick you back up and make you feel better about whatever the situation may be. Be with the guy who, even in the midst of an argument, is mature enough to want to talk crap out — not only because you’re both mature adults, but because he cares enough to keep the relationship he has with you.
  6. Be with someone who’s proud of who you are right now. The guy you’re with should be a guy who brags about just how truly fantastic you are, because you are. Be with a guy who complements your life goals and propels and challenges you in the all the right ways to be the best version of you that you can be. He should love who you are and all that you’re destined to become.
  7. Be with someone who doesn’t hesitate to stand up for you. A guy who’s truly worthy of your time and commitment is one who’s always going to stand in your corner and be there to back you up when crap hits the fan. Don’t waste your time on someone who’s only going to make you feel alone in your struggles — you deserve more.
  8. Be with someone who makes you feel amazing in every way. The guy you’re with should be someone who makes you happy to wake up every morning. Your life is already amazing and you shouldn’t sacrifice your time or energy on anyone who doesn’t make you feel equally as good, if not better. You have the freedom to choose who you bring into and keep in your life, so choose wisely.
  9. Be with someone who compliments and loves your flaws. It’s not normal of any loving relationship for your partner to cut you down or make you feel like crap about yourself, so if someone makes you feel small, make them feel nonexistent by kicking their ass to the curb. Be with the guy who kisses your forehead wrinkles and loves every detail about you that you question yourself. To him, your imperfections should be his version of perfection.
  10. Be with someone who can’t live without you. Your life isn’t getting any longer when you waste your time with jerk guys and morons who just can’t treat you right, so be done with the BS and get with someone who truly cares about you in a real and honest way. You want a genuine love in your life and the only way to get there is to cut out the garbage and make room in your life to be with someone who actually gives a damn about you.