If Someone Is Going To Hit On Me, These Are The Things I Want Them To Say

We’ve all been on the receiving end of “compliments” from prospective romantic partners that we just didn’t want to hear. Maybe they were intrusive about our bodies too soon or they were just plain creepy—either way, they suck. That being said, there are a handful of nice things that I’d actually be happy to hear from a crush—here are just a few.

  1. “I feel really comfortable with you.” I work hard to be someone that people are comfortable around, especially romantic partners. Hearing that a crush feels super comfortable with me means that they also feel good with being vulnerable, which is so important in a budding relationship.
  2. “You’re so intelligent.” Compliment me on my intelligence and my heart is yours. Okay, maybe not always, but it’s definitely a killer thing to be appreciated for. I hold my intellectual curiosity and knowledge as something very important to me, so it’s wonderful when my crush notices and goes out of their way to compliment it.
  3. “I’m lucky to have met you.” This one’s self-explanatory. It’s awesome that they feel blessed to have me in their life. To feel lucky to meet someone is definitely a good sign because it means they appreciate me. It also signals that I’m something special to be cherished. Thank you very much.
  4. “You’re a goofball.” My sense of humor is really important to me. It’s a tool I use to get through life and to connect with others. I get excited when it’s also is something that my lover appreciates. Being able to laugh together is really important, so I’m psyched when they think I’m silly and love having fun.
  5. “I love [insert unique aspect of my personality].” I’m my own person and I like different traits about myself. Who I am is really important, so when my crush acknowledges that they like a certain aspect about me, it makes me really happy because they’re actually paying attention to all the little things that make me, me—especially those quirkier parts of me that I let show when I’m more comfortable with someone.
  6. “I’m proud of you.” There are certain accomplishments in my life that I’m really proud of. I can give myself a pat on the back, but it’s always a bonus when someone else congratulates me too. Hearing this from a crush just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Knowing that they’re proud of me is lovely.
  7. “I’m excited for you.” This one’s interesting. “I’m excited for you” may not seem like a compliment at first, but if you pay attention, it definitely is. They’re saying they’re happy for me in whatever happened for them to say this. It expresses that they’re supportive and excitable, especially when it comes to me.
  8. “I love that you’re so passionate.” Passion is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing to watch someone fiery with their passion. I really love when someone notices it in me and appreciates it because it feels contagious to me, too. It also gives me a boost of more motivation to pursue whatever it is I’m pursuing.
  9. “My friends/parents love you.” I care what other people think about me, not to an extreme but to a reasonable amount. It’s especially important that the friends and family of the person I like are fond of me. It’s not a make or break thing, but them liking me matters because they’re important to my crush.
  10. “You make me a better person.” Who doesn’t want to be so lovely that they improve another person? Hearing this compliment is really wonderful because it solidifies what I already know: I’m a good person and being around me helps others grow. I’ll take this compliment all day long and be a happy lady.
  11. “You’re different.” I’m a huge sucker for this one! It’s always lovely to hear that I’m different from other girls that the person has met because it didn’t work out with those other girls. If my crush is saying this to me it means that they think that I’m special—which I totally am, but it’s always nice to be reminded.
  12. “You’re so beautiful.” This compliment has to come when I’ve been getting to know a person for some time. I don’t like it when strangers tell me I’m beautiful. Once someone knows me, though, it’s fabulous to hear about how beautiful I am. It definitely plasters a smile on my face and makes me feel good about myself.
  13. “You’re so sexy.” I love to hear this only if we’ve gotten to the point of exploring each other’s bodies. Any sooner and it’s just weird and off-putting. Once we’ve gotten to the point of being physical, though, I love to hear this compliment. I mean, it’s a killer compliment that boosts my confidence.
  14. “I love spending time with you.” This is such a fabulous compliment! It’s essentially saying that I’m a good person to spend time with. Who wouldn’t want to hear that? Furthermore, my crush enjoys spending time with me, so I probably put a smile on their face. I’ll take this compliment any day.
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