Sorry, Guys — Those Games Aren’t Going To Work On Any Woman Worth Dating

Single women are constantly tested with BS dating games. There’s the “failure to text back” game, the “pull away to see how we’ll react” game, the “bailing last minute” game, the “Netflix and chill game”… the list goes on and on. Fortunately, more and more of us are rising above the douchebags and becoming strong enough within ourselves to know better than to fall into this trap. As much as a guy might try, dating games don’t work on strong women — here’s why:

  1. We’re actually pretty oblivious to petty games. Most of us strong and badass women are too busy slaying our own lives to notice when a guy is behaving like a moron. Instead, we see you as an idiot and we’ll stop wasting our time and energy on paying you any attention at all. We’d rather keep adoring ourselves than devote any more time to guys who aren’t demonstrating their realness.
  2. We’re too busy commanding our own lives. A strong woman is a busy woman. We’re not sitting by the phone, eagerly waiting for you to call, nor are we keeping our schedules clear in case you decide you’d like to drop by at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday unannounced. We’re making plans of our own. We’re filling our agendas with the things and people we love. We’re not desperately reading between the lines of player behaviors.
  3. We’re not overly concerned about locking a guy down by any means necessary. For strong women, dating and love are an added bonus to life, not a necessity. If you’re playing the pullback game, we’ll let you wander so far out of our lives, we’ll forget your name by the time you get around to coming back. To us, the thrill of locking a guy down doesn’t exist. All we’re interested in is grown men who know how to communicate and make a clear effort to be in our lives. It’s really that simple. If you don’t have what it takes, sit back and admire us from a far away distance.
  4. We’re always completely honest and expect a life partner to match our honesty. We’re no-nonsense women and we tell it like it is at all costs. This means when we’re looking for love, we say so. If we’re interested in being in a relationship with you, we’ll tell you straight up. If this turns a guy off or comes off that we’re “too available,” tough. We’re not looking for a half-grown man who still behaves in a juvenile manner to appreciate a woman, we’re looking for a man who’s equally as strong and mature as we are who won’t mess around with games to feel like he’s won something.
  5. We become strong because we’ve survived the nonsense games before you. Strong women aren’t born strong. We’re the product of someone who’s been strung along, hurt, lied to, disrespected and stomped on more times than we ever deserved. We’ve fallen and been dragged down countless times but we’ve gotten back up and fought harder and harder after each and every disaster to our hearts. Now, we know better. We’ve lived through the garbage and we’ve learned from the past. Spare us the BS and be real, or be gone.
  6. We never play by the rules. Because we’ve re-paved our own wrong turns in life, we know that the beaten path is always more rewarding than playing it safe. Sure, we could buy into your lame games, the attempts at baiting us further or testing our patience. We could behave in the aloof and unbothered manner that it apparently takes to prove our worth to a guy, but we deliberately choose not to. Instead, if you pull that crap on us, we’ll forget you just as fast as we said hello. We’re above the outdated dating rules for women.
  7. We’d rather have a love of fate than a love based on manipulation. What strong women want from love is something and someone so raw and real that it shakes us to our very core. Unfortunately, games and players don’t fall into that category. We’d rather wait it out and find that one rare person who accepts us as we are, is interested in us enough to not need petty little games and who knows that women like us are an end game for the love they want themselves- not a game of manipulation for affections.
  8. We’re strong enough to hold out for someone mature and ready. Because we’ve spent so much time on our own, building ourselves up and shattering our own glass ceilings, we’re not in a rush to be with anyone. We’re strong not just because of our past experiences, but because we also know what we want for ourselves and in a partner to a degree that we absolutely will not settle until that guy finally shows up. We’re mature, capable, strong and independent women with good heads on our shoulders so naturally, we want the same type of guy before we’ll even consider the forever future.
  9. We believe in trust above all. Trust is hugely important to us in any relationship, friendships included. If we’re not getting a sense of trust from right from the start because you’re only interested in playing games to test our worth, we’re not going to entertain you, period. Trust means being honest about your intentions. Trust means following through on your word and not acting like you like us one minute and like we’re irrelevant the next. Trust means you’re grown enough to have the real conversations, the real demonstrations of your intent with us and that you’re someone who won’t start our relationship on a foundation of manipulation and games.
  10. We want real men, not boys. As strong women, we aren’t just completely repulsed by games, we’re completely intolerant of them too. If we do invest our time and our hearts into anyone, it’ll be with a guy who doesn’t even think twice about running a game on us in the first place. It’s because strong women are smart women and smart women don’t allow dating games to be a part of their love story. We know our worth is much higher than to put up with BS.