Soulmates Are For More Than Falling In Love

Soulmates Are For More Than Falling In Love ©iStock/kali9

Most of us dream of the day we finally meet our soulmate — the person with whom you have the most intense connection, as if you’ve known each other forever. Many people never meet someone they feel that way about, so if you’ve found it, hold on to it. At the same time, realize that your soulmate might not come in the form of a boyfriend. In fact, it could be someone you’re not romantic with at all.

  1. They might only be in your life for a short time. Even if you drift apart and lose touch with them, you still never forget about the time you spent together. They managed to make such a strong impression in a short period of time that you think you must have been meant to know them, even if it was only for a little while.
  2. You might have tried to date. It probably took giving the dating thing a try to realize that you really just fit a lot better as friends. Now, you’re closer than you ever would have been if you’d tried to force something that wasn’t working. And you’ll never have to wonder what it would be like to date, because you already know.
  3. They make you a better person. Maybe you admire something about them, or they’re just an all around good influence on you. Whatever it is, spending time with them changes you in ways you never expected. But that’s a good thing.
  4. You’d do anything for them, no questions asked. If you’re ever in a position to help them, you know you’ll do it. And you know they’d do the same for you. You trust each other implicitly, and you can’t even necessarily explain why. You just do.
  5. They show you a different perspective. Someone who can make you see something from an angle other than your own is valuable. We can all be stubborn about our opinions sometimes, so it’s good to have that one person in your life that can convince you to step back and open your mind to other possibilities.
  6. You never have to explain yourself to them. They know you so well that nothing you do or say ever really surprises them. They know where you’re coming from and they could probably finish your sentences given the opportunity. The bottom line is they accept you, even when you’re acting crazy.
  7. Seeing them happy is extremely important to you. Their happiness is almost as important to you as your own. You might even go so far as to say you can feel what they’re feeling at times. It’s a connection that can’t be explained, but you wouldn’t give it up for anything.
  8. You always pick up right where you left off. Even if you don’t see each other that often, you’re so comfortable with each other that you never have a problem getting right back into your groove like no time has passed at all. You know you’ll be friends for the rest of your life, no matter what happens. It just feels like you have no real choice in the matter, and that’s completely fine.
  9. They believe in you. A soul mate is someone who not only wants you to succeed, but believes you can. They know what you’re capable of, and they’ll do what they can do help, even if all they can do is make sure you know they’re there for you.
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