Sour Dill Pickle Beer Exists And It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

So you call yourself a pickle lover. You eat them straight from the jar, like pickle-flavored snacks like popcorn and hummus, and have even made cocktails with canned pickle juice. That’s great and all, but are you truly adventurous enough to try sour pickle beer? It’s a thing and it’s definitely not for anyone but those with the most extreme palates.

  1. How did sour pickle beer even come about? It’s a collaboration between Best Maid Pickles and Martin House Brewing Co. who came together to make exactly the kind of beverage you never knew you needed (and you maybe don’t but you’ll want to try anyway). These Texas-based companies were not messing around here, people.
  2. How’s it made? As you can probably imagine, sour pickle beer contains both beer and pickles. Basically, Best Maid’s super salty pickle brine is added directly to Martin House’s Lady Sour Gose beer for an intensely savory, malty drink that will definitely challenge your taste buds.
  3. They’re doing pickles too! The collab between the two brands also resulted in beer pickles, in which coriander and lemon combine to create a Salty Lady Sour Gose-type brine for Best Maid’s pickles. In other words, it kinda tastes like the beer has been added to the pickles instead of the opposite way around.
  4. Sadly, this is a limited edition product. You’ll need to live in Texas or within traveling distance if you want to get a hold of this stuff as the companies have said that they won’t be shipping elsewhere. Not only that, but both products are limited edition and won’t be around forever, so if this is something you’re dying to try, you’ll want to get a move on so you don’t miss out.
  5. Only real pickle fans should apply here. Seriously, don’t go there if not. This one is for real pickle fans only!

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