‘Sperminator’ Who’s Fathered Nearly 80 Children Says He’s Just Trying To Help Women

‘Sperminator’ Who’s Fathered Nearly 80 Children Says He’s Just Trying To Help Women Screencap/Dr.Oz

A New York college professor who has fathered nearly 80 children via sperm donation has said that the focus should not be on him but rather the women he’s helping. Ari Nagel, 44, has been nicknamed “The Sperminator” for his prolific seed-spreading but says that his purpose is purely philanthropical: he wants to allow women to start the families they’ve always dreamed of having.

  1. Nagel has 77 children with more on the way. In an interview with Dr. Oz, Nagel says that while he’s getting all the attention for having fathered so many children, the focus should really be on the women he helped become mothers. “I have 77 children, that’s true, but then you look at the three women that we just saw on the screen and they don’t have 77 children,” Nagel explained. “For them, it’s about them having their first child or their second child. So it’s not so much — don’t focus on me, you more focus on them, who just, they want to have a family.”
  2. He has 13 more children on the way. According to an interview he gave the Claire Byrne Live show in March 2021, he’d actually fathered 78 children at the time and 13 women were pregnant with babies that used his sperm, so that number was about to go up exponentially. The women who have had his children live in the US and abroad, making him a truly international dad.
  3. Most of his kids are conceived via artificial insemination. However, Nagel admits that “around a dozen” of his children were conceived “the old fashioned way.” It’s unclear if this is with women he’d been in an actual relationship with and in whose lives he actually acts as a father or if this simply was a sperm donation carried out in a different way.
  4. Nagel makes his donations “free of charge.” According to the man himself, he has no vetting process set up for the women and that whenever anyone comes to him, he “tries to help whoever asks.”
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