This Spreadable Mojito Brings The Flavors Of Rum And Lime To Your Morning Toast

Mojitos may usually be for drinking, but when you don’t have the time or ingredients to make a cocktail, you can still enjoy the flavors of rum and lime to the food you eat with this Spreadable Mojito marmalade that’s so delicious, you’ll struggle not to eat the whole jar in one sitting.

  1. It’s so much better than regular jam. While the Spreadable Mojito is technically a marmalade, it’s actually so much more than that. Sure, you can put it on your toast, but as the product description reveals, you can also “scoop it onto ice creams and sorbets, bake with it, stir it into cocktails, serve it with cheese, or just spoon it straight from the jar.” Not a bad idea!
  2. Sorry, there’s no alcohol in here. While the product is made with actual rum, all the alcohol content is cooked off when the Spreadable Mojito is made, so eating this won’t get you drunk like the actual cocktail. That’s probably for the best, though—it just means you can take it to work.
  3. It’s all the flavors you look for in a Mojito. The combination of rum and lime is just so crisp and refreshing, so being able to enjoy it on a daily basis just by scooping a bit out of the jar is pretty sweet (literally). After all, it’s not always appropriate to start mixing up cocktails at 8 a.m. but it IS appropriate to eat some toast with jam, ya feel me?
  4. If mojitos aren’t your thing, they do sell other varieties too. Firebox caters to all cocktail lovers with their sweet spreads. If Spreadable Mojito isn’t your thing, you can also get Spreadable Peach Bellini, Spreadable Gin, Spreadable Espresso Martini, Spreadable Whisky, Spreadable Pornstar Martini, and Spreadable Rum. Frankly, I feel like I want them all.
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