Starbucks Has Candy Cane Cold Brew And It’s Like A Taste Of The North Pole

Another day, another incredible Starbucks creation to simultaneously get you caffeinated and indulge your holiday spirit. This time around, the geniuses over at Totally The Bomb have created one of their finest secret menu concoctions yet. I’m talking about the Candy Cane Cold Brew, of course, and it just might become one of your Starbucks favs.


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♬ Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Bublé

  1. Who doesn’t love a cold brew? Starbucks has loads of delicious coffee creations, but I feel like cold brew gets a bad rap. To many, it just seems boring or uninspired, but that couldn’t be more wrong! Candy Cane Cold Brew is yet another example of just how tasty (and seasonal!) it can be.
  2. Coffee and peppermint actually make a good combo. At first I was a bit skeptical about putting the flavors of coffee and mint together. Chocolate and mint? Sure! Coffee and mint? Eh… maybe not. But trust me, this is brilliant. It actually goes together really well and makes one of the most unique beverages you’ll ever try.
  3. The same disclaimer as usual applies. Because this is on the secret menu rather than the standard one, if you walk into your local Starbucks and try to order a Candy Cane Cold Brew by name, your barista will think you’re nuts. That’s why you’ll need to order a drink that IS on the menu with a few customizations.
  4. So how do you order one? This starts out as a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew and adds some shots of white mocha and peppermint to get to the final result. If you want the full recipe, you’ll need to head over to Totally The Bomb to get it.
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