Starbucks Has A New Cherry Blossom Collection And It’s Beautiful

Starbucks Has A New Cherry Blossom Collection And It’s Beautiful Starbucks

It’s finally spring, which means longer days, (slightly) warmer weather, and in Japan, cherry blossom season. Known as Hanami, the custom of enjoying these beautiful trees is a cherished part of Japanese culture and is celebrated yearly. Even Starbucks has gotten on board with their gorgeous new collection of cherry blossom merchandise that you’ll want every single piece of ASAP.

  1. It’s all so beautiful! All of the merchandise, which consists of mugs, water bottles, and cold cups, is bright pink with beautiful floral designs all over it. It’s clear here that Starbucks is really celebrating the cherry blossom here and it’s really lovely to see. According to the Starbucks website, the collection is inspired by “a gentle spring breeze, with cherry blossom petals dancing in the air on a warm spring day.” I totally get it!
  2. The collection is extremely environmentally friendly. It’s important that we all switch to reusable items as much as possible, so if you’re looking for some more sustainable options for your morning coffee, your gym water bottle, or your afternoon cup of tea, the Starbucks cherry blossom collection has some pretty good options.
  3. Sadly, the collection is only available in Japan. I guess it makes sense given that Hanami is such a big deal in Japan, but with a collection so beautiful, it feels a little cruel that Starbucks is only offering these items in the Asian country. That means you’ll need some friends in the area to grab some of it for you and ship it over if you’re desperate.
  4. There are also two cherry blossom drinks to go along with the merchandise. Starbucks in Japan is offering two special pink drinks for the cherry blossom season and they sound delicious. There’s the Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino, which is described as “a luscious milk pudding subtly flavored with cherry leaf extract, blended with milk and strawberry sauce. Crispy petal-inspired rice cracker topping adds to the flowery character of the beverage.” There’s also the Sakura Milk Latter, which consists of “a gently sweet non-coffee beverage with strawberry sauce blended into warm milk, perfect for a crisp day outside with the budding blossoms.” Ugh, I want it all!

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