Starbucks Is Selling Color-Changing Reusable Cups For Your Summer Beverage Needs

Like many people, I try to limit the presence of single-use plastics in my life because it’s so much better for the environment. I always bring my own cups when I go out to get coffee, and now that Starbucks has released new color-changing reusable cups, all of our summer beverage needs are taken care of. Seriously, they’re incredible!

It’s not necessary but it’s fun. I know the whole color-changing thing is very childish, but that’s why I love it. Remember getting those color-changing spoons in cereal boxes as a kid? This is like the very caffeinated adult version of that and I’m so into it.

They react to temperature. Starbucks’ new line of reusable cups start to change color the minute you put your cold drinks into them, fading from one shade to another in a few seconds. The label for the cups reveals that tomato turns aubergine, peach turns hot pink, marigold turns tangerine, sea turns ocean, and cobalt turns deep purple. In other words, they’re not MAJOR changes, but enough to still be super cool.

They come in packs of five so there are enough to share. If you and your girls regularly go for iced coffees once the weather gets warm, Starbucks has thought of you. The reusable cup set comes with five cups and lids so you’ll have plenty to share around. Environmentally friendly AND cute? Sign me up.

You can pick them up in a few different locations. You don’t have to go into an actual Starbucks store to get your hands on the new line of color-changing reusable cups. They’re definitely available in those locations, but you can also pick them up at select grocery stores and even at Target, which is probably the easiest option since who doesn’t love wandering around Target anyway? Keep an eye out and grab a set if you see them!

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