Starbucks Has A Gorgeous New Line Of Fall Drinkware And You’ll Want It All

You can always rely on Starbucks for two particular things: delicious caffeinated beverages and some incredible drinkware. Whether you collect cold cups, mugs, or travel cups to take your hot chocolate with you on a cold winter’s day, they’ve got something for you. However, Starbucks’ new line of fall drinkware just might be the most beautiful you’ll ever see.

  1. It’s all about iridescence. From the looks of things, there seem to be at least six new items in Starbucks’ new fall drinkware line. That includes a bubbled, iridescent cold cup that looks like a mermaid’s tail, a gold and red metallic ombre flask, two iridescent floral design travel cups, and two other solid-color cups. One thing unites them all: iridescence.
  2. They’re kinda perfect for Halloween. Sure, there’s more to autumn than Halloween, but the fact that two of the cups are really dark in color and feature a spiderweb design and the cold cup has the spikes that are kinda creepy, it’s clear that Starbucks was thinking about October 31 in their new drinkware.
  3. They’re only just hitting shelves, so keep your eyes peeled. The first glimpse I got of the new drinkware was via Totally the Bomb and Instagrammer @grangvillemarket, which is based in Vancouver, Canada. I haven’t actually seen these in my local Starbucks yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not coming. I’ll be checking the shelves like a hawk every time I go in (which is pretty much daily anyway).
  4. These are so beautiful, you’ll want the whole line. And to be honest, why shouldn’t you get it? I probably will if they’re all at my local store. I’m a big-time coffee drinker so I know I’ll get use out of them. Sure, many of us are working from home now, and traveling is out of the question so we could just drink out of normal mugs, but where’s the fun in that?

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