Starbucks Is Now Selling Their Nitro Cold Brew In Ready-To-Drink Cans

Starbucks Is Now Selling Their Nitro Cold Brew In Ready-To-Drink Cans Starbucks

Cold brew coffee is my weakness. I’ll drink it all times of year, from the hottest days of summer (with extra ice, natch) to the middle of a blizzard in sub-zero winter temperatures. Iced coffee does not discriminate when it comes to being delicious at all times of year and nitro cold brew is even harder to resist. That being said, I can’t always make it into a Starbucks location, so knowing that they’re selling their Nitro Cold Brew in ready-to-drink cans now is basically the best news I’ve heard all week.

starbucks nitro cold brewStarbucks

  1. It comes in three equally delicious flavors. While I’m a huge fan of Starbucks’ original Nitro Cold Brew, the canned version comes in two additional flavors as well: Dark Caramel and Vanilla Sweet Cream. Those two will be perfect for when you’re looking for something a little sweet or need a bit of a sugar rush to get you through the mid-afternoon slump.
  2. It tastes just like what you get in your local Starbucks. The ready-to-drink Nitro Cold Brew, which comes in 9.6-oz cans, is pumped with nitrogen to give you that delicious, Guinness-like feel to the caffeinated drink just like the coffee you order in-store. Ugh, delicious!
  3. Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew is available in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. While certain Starbucks store locations will also carry the cans so you can take them with you on the go, they’ll be available in convenience stores across the country for $3.99 and grocery stores for $3.49 (unless they’re on sale, which is even better).
  4. Never tried Nitro Cold Brew before? Now’s the time. While going in-store at your local Starbucks is probably the best choice for trying out the Nitro Cold Brew, if you don’t have a store near you, trying it in the can will be just as tasty and you won’t be sorry. Promise!
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