Starbucks Is Selling A Reusable Cold Cup With A Notebook Design And Pencil Straw

Starbucks has always been creative when it comes to the designs featured on its reusable cups. However, their latest release makes me particularly happy as a writer. The coffee giant is selling cold cups with a notebook design and a pencil straw that will appeal to students and teachers everywhere and frankly, I’ve never wanted a piece of drinkware more.

  1. How cute is that pencil straw? Starbucks really isn’t holding back on the adorable details with this reusable cup, I have to say. While the notebook lines on the cup are pretty cool, it’s the pencil straw that really puts it over the top. There’s even a little colored bit at the top that looks like an eraser! I mean, come on!
  2. It would make a great gift for the student or the teacher in your life. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone that this cup wouldn’t appeal to regardless of their occupation, but students and teachers especially will love this. It’s a creative and fun gift that the coffee (and cold drink) enthusiasts out there will go nuts for.
  3. It holds 24 oz. so you won’t be thirsty. Don’t come at me with one of those 12 oz. cups. What kinda drink is that? I need to be fully caffeinated and hydrated at all times of day which means I need plenty of liquid. Thankfully, this Starbucks reusable cup isn’t skimping on size and will hold 24 oz. of your fav beverage.
  4. Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to find. Judging by the comments on @sweetandpetite‘s picture, a lot of people aren’t as lucky as her when it comes to locating one of Starbucks’ new reusable cups. While everyone seems to be looking to get a hold of the notebook and pencil design, it’s either out of stock or simply not available at a lot of locations around the country. Darn! Keep your eyes peeled!

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