Starbucks Has A Pineapple Tumbler That Will Give Your Iced Coffee A Tropical Vibe

It’s officially iced beverage season (though to be honest, when is it not?) and it’s all about iced tea, iced coffee, and, well, anything else you can throw ice in and sip all day long. If you want something fun and fancy to drink out of that’s easy to wash, environmentally friendly, and keeps your drink cool for as long as it takes you to drink it, you definitely need Starbucks’ pineapple tumbler*. It’s totally tropical!

  1. It actually looks like a pineapple! Starbucks has gone all out on this pineapple tumbler, giving the metal it’s made of a lumpy texture that’s just like a real pineapple! While many similar cups simply go with a yellow and green colorway, they’ve taken the next step to really make it 3D. Brilliant!
  2. It’s part of the Starbucks Hawai’i collection. The 16-oz. pineapple tumbler is part of a larger collection by the coffee giant called the Starbucks Hawai’i collection. The range also has hot cups with different colorways – one even has tropical blue and green leaves for a bit of something different. Sadly, it’s only being sold in Hawaii, hence the name.
  3. Thankfully, you can pick this up online. The sad thing is that you’ll pay way more buying this pineapple tumbler online than you would if you bought it in person at a Starbucks location, but hey, you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Grabbing it on Amazon will run you about $45 which seems pretty pricy, but given that it’ll last you for many years to come, it’s well worth the price.

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