Starbucks Has A Toasted Caramel Brulee Cold Brew For The Winter Iced Coffee Lovers

Admittedly, I’m someone who prefers iced coffee even in winter. Sure, a hot latte is okay on freezing cold days, but generally speaking, I’m drinking my coffee from the comfort of my own home, which is warm, so cold is fine by me. If you feel the same, you may be interested in checking out Starbucks’ Caramel Brulee Cold Brew the next time you stop in.

  1. This is another secret menu creation by Totally The Bomb. If you’ve never seen the Caramel Brulee Cold Brew on the menu at your local Starbucks, that’s because it’s not exactly official. Instead, it’s another creation by the geniuses over at Totally the Bomb.
  2. It’s seasonal and delicious. When it comes to the holidays, you want familiar and comforting flavors, which this definitely delivers. It also happens to be downright delicious, because who doesn’t love caramel and cream? It’s basically a combo of the Caramel Brulee Latte and cold brew coffee, which is just fine by me!
  3. So how do you order it? Because the Caramel Brulee Cold Brew isn’t part of the actual menu, you’ll need to place your order at Starbucks with a few modifications. You can start off by asking for a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew with no vanilla. From there, you’re looking to add two pumps of toasted white mocha and two pumps of caramel brulee. Totally the Bomb has a way to top the whole thing off, but you’ll have to head over there for the full recipe.
  4. This drink is totally indulgent. It should be noted that Starbucks’ Caramel Brulee Cold Brew is a super sweet drink and isn’t for those who really like their coffee bitter. Instead, it’s basically like dessert in a cup, and what more can you ask for around the holidays? Nothing, that’s what. Check out a TikTok of the drink here.
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