New Starburst Swirlers Are Like Eating Two Different Flavors At Once

If you love chewy, fruity candy, chances are you’re a big fan of Starburst. The classic sweet is pretty much perfect as-is, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from taking things up a notch by releasing Starburst Swirlers, combining your favorite flavors into one piece. Uh, as if I needed more convincing!

  1. Starburst Swirlers offer some delicious combos. A bag of these babies was spotted at Walmart by Instagrammer @snackbetch, who revealed that the flavor combinations are strawberry-orange, cherry-lemon, and cherry-strawberry. Their review? They’re 10/10, which is no surprise given how delicious Starbursts are on their own!
  2. It’s about time these are out. Starburst Swirlers were first teased back in 2019 and it’s taken them until 2020 to start hitting store shelves. It’s unclear if they’re available everywhere just yet or are slowly rolling out across the US, but there’s no harm in looking the next time you’re in the supermarket or shop picking up supplies.
  3. These things will save everyone so much time. While many people have created their own Starburst Swirlers by just pressing or rolling two flavors in one, now the hard work is done for you and all you need to do is unwrap one and pop it in your mouth. I’m lazy so this is an extra good thing for me.
  4. So far, they’re not available to order online. While sometimes stocks their store merchandise on their website, Swirlers aren’t up just yet. From a preliminary search, they don’t seem to be up much of anywhere yet. No one is even selling them for inflated prices on eBay yet, so you know they’re not all that easy to get a hold of just yet. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to be patient and keep our eyes peeled. I know I can’t wait to get a hold of these!
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