Start Treating Yourself As Well As You Treat Guys & Your Whole Life Will Change

If you’re guilty of putting other people’s needs and wants above your own, especially when it comes to the guys you date, consider this an intervention. You have a heart bursting with love and affection, but you don’t always tend to yourself as lovingly and you absolutely should. Here are 12 amazing ways your life will change if you start treating yourself as well as you treat guys:

  1. You’ll experience a sense of freedom. Once you start prioritizing yourself, you feel the heavy chains of taking on everyone else’s burdens lift off of your shoulders. You’ll not only feel lighter, but you’ll have a better sense of clarity about your decisions because you’re paying attention to your own needs and desires. It’s an amazing feeling.
  2. You’ll Be Healthier overall. Your health is a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When you neglect any or all of these areas, your overall health plummets. Think about the way you treat the guys you date—you want to make sure all of their needs are met and that they feel fulfilled in any way you can contribute, right? Start doing that for yourself, even if it’s as simple as attending church again or joining a new Zumba class, and your health will improve as well.
  3. Your Confidence Will Soar. When you start complimenting and supporting a guy, his confidence spikes. The same goes for yourself! Remove the negative ideas you have about how you should look every time you peek in the mirror and start pointing out your positive qualities. Good hair day? Show it off! You just landed your dream job? Give yourself a pat on the back and take yourself out for a fun night to celebrate. You’ll be more confident when you treat yourself like the amazing woman you are.
  4. You’ll Start Smiling More. If your daily goal is to see how many times you can see that hundred-watt smile plastered on the face of the special guy in your life, that’s great, but make sure to do the same for yourself! People are generally happier when they’re being treated well, so give yourself grace when you mess up and do things that will make you smile, too. You’ll notice that you can’t keep a smile off your face when you treat yourself with love and compassion.
  5. You’ll Have Better Friends. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is not just a cliche phrase, it’s a reality check! When you’re caring for yourself with a humble, mindful attitude, you’ll find that you are like a magnet to attracting positive, fun-loving friends.
  6. You’ll Become More Successful. You’re your boyfriend’s biggest cheerleader, and while that’s wonderful, imagine if you treated yourself with the same attitude! Success follows a positive mindset, accompanied by hard work and dedication. If you work as fervently for your own desires as you do to support your guy, you’re sure to find success in whatever you set your mind to.
  7. Stress Will Melt Away. You offer back rubs and a multitude of creative ways to help the man in your life deal with stress, so why don’t you make more of an effort to de-stress yourself? Once you start focusing on your own needs, you’ll be less likely a ticking time bomb of emotions. Be as willing to treat yourself to a spa day when needed and watch that grindstone stress melt away.
  8. You’ll Have Way More Fun. You’re always on the search for the next exciting adventure with your guy. Typically you try to find experiences that you think he would enjoy, and sometimes that doesn’t completely satisfy your personal appetite for fun. If you start doing for yourself what you do for your guy, the result will be a life dazzled with merriment.
  9. You’ll Treat Yourself Without Feeling Guilty. You don’t do things for guys you date with the hope of them doing the same things in return, you serve them because you want to treat them. Do you ever feel guilty for giving? No—so why aren’t you alright with treating yourself without feeling guilty? As long as you can enjoy the things you have worked hard for and simultaneously be thankful, it’s a healthy balance.
  10. You’ll Awaken A New Love For Yourself. The butterflies, the joy, the cloud nine excitement—you’re familiar with the feeling of falling in love. In a healthy setting, love develops with ease when you’re pursuing a new relationship—and the same thing happens when you begin to show yourself the same treatment and priority. In the process of getting in tune with and treating yourself properly, you’ll undoubtedly find a new affection for yourself and you’ll shine brighter than the diamonds on Kim Kardashian’s ring finger!
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